DeKalb County Prostitution Lawyer

The state of Georgia takes a tough stance on prostitution, with a conviction of prostitution leading to heavy fines and jail time. It can also have an immediate negative impact on your personal and professional reputation. Even the suspicion of prostitution can irreparably damage your future, which is why it is essential to work with the right legal team as soon as you believe that you might be charged.

A DeKalb County prostitution lawyer has the experience necessary to stand up for your rights. One of our skilled criminal defense attorneys could work with you to mount a vigorous defense and make sure that you receive fair treatment from the judicial system.

Prostitution is a Serious Charge in DeKalb County

Georgia Code § 16-6-9 to 17 sets forth strict laws prohibiting prostitution and related criminal activities. Under that statute, the following actions are considered sex crimes that are forbidden:

  • Prostitution, which is when someone accepts money, gifts, favors, or something else of value in exchange for sexual acts, such as intercourse or sodomy
  • Pimping, which is when someone offers to find a prostitute for another person
  • Keeping a place for committing prostitution, which is when someone knowingly allows the use of their property for prostitution, even if that person does not profit from the prostitution
  • Solicitation, which is when somebody offers money or services to a prostitute
  • Pandering, which is when somebody asks another person to commit an act of prostitution or gets people together so that they can choose a sexual partner
  • Masturbation for hire, which is a crime in which a person masturbates another person in exchange for payment

In a prostitution case, the prosecution generally needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant engaged in a sexual act or agreed or offered to engage in that sexual act in exchange for a gift or service in return. A local prostitution lawyer could help defend someone by establishing that there was no concrete evidence of that exchange of money. They could also attempt to cast doubt on the prosecution’s claim of prostitution by demonstrating that the act in question was an act between two consenting adults.

Reducing the Possible Criminal Penalties

A prostitution conviction could wreak havoc on all aspects of a defendant’s life. The sooner a defendant reaches out to hire a DeKalb County prostitution attorney, the better the odds are for a favorable outcome. A lawyer’s goal is to mount an aggressive defense that causes the case to resolve favorably at the earliest possible stage. The following are some of the outcomes that might be possible with the aid of a legal professional:

  • For the charges to never be filed
  • For the case to be entirely dismissed before it reaches trial
  • For the charges to be reduced
  • For the defendant to be acquitted on all charges
  • If the defendant is ultimately convicted, for the penalties to be reduced
  • If the defendant is convicted, for there to be no jail time

An attorney could explain the details and the procedures of the case and could perform a thorough investigation to look for exculpatory and mitigating evidence.

Reach Out to a DeKalb County Prostitution Attorney Today

A prostitution conviction could result in harsh criminal penalties and a black mark on your reputation. However, there are numerous ways it could be defended in court. Reach out to a trusted DeKalb County prostitution lawyer who could aggressively defend you and protect your rights. Talk with someone from our team today.