DeKalb County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes carry some of the stiffest penalties in the State of Georgia and can often cause those accused to be stigmatized by society. Sex crimes range from as serious as rape down to less serious charges like public indecency. Even peeping tom charges can be considered sex crimes with the proper underlying facts. Sex crimes can also carry stiff sentences, including long periods in prison, making it extremely important that those accused have a DeKalb County sex crimes lawyer who can guide, counsel,  and defend them, as they fight these charges. To discuss your case and what steps can be taken to build a strong defense consult with a defense attorney in DeKalb County today.

Types of Offenses

All types of sex crime charges are felony cases, and as such are handled by the DeKalb County District Attorney. Sex crimes in DeKalb County include:

  • Rape 
  • Public indecency
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual battery
  • Child pornography 

This is a long list of crimes, and each will likely qualify those convicted for a place on the sex offender registry.

Most Commonly Charged Offenses

That most common offenses a DeKalb County sex crimes lawyer deals with are child molestation and rape charges.

Rape is a crime that is often accused. In these cases there tends to be a lot of activity early on, and as the layers of the case’s events and stories emerge, we find that a prosecution’s case falls apart fairly often as a defense is built. 

Child molestation charges also require a careful approach to defend because they involve a young child who may or may not testify, and surely will provide interviews to law enforcement. The investigation of the client’s defense against child molestation generally takes a long time and a lot of work. 

Sex Crimes Investigations

Sex crime cases typically involve a healthy dose of scientific evidence, physical evidence, and testimonies. As such, it is important for a DeKalb County sex crimes attorney to begin investigating and defending sex crime cases as soon as possible. This is standard for almost any investigation in defending a criminal case but it is vital when the charges are as serious as a sex crime that have such serious consequences, along with evidence and a witness testimony which becomes stale quickly. With these things in mind, an attorney will work with investigators and others as quickly as possible to gather evidence at its freshest point.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important to hire a local DeKalb County sex crimes lawyer who knows the District Attorney’s Office and judges who will be handling the prosecution of your sex crime charges. An experienced lawyer who has handled many sex crimes cases will know how to prepare your case, counsel you, and give you the best possible options for resolving your case, whether that means a plea or a trial. A local attorney has knowledge of how judges handle the courts in your jurisdiction, and how each individual Assistant District Attorney prosecutes their sex crime cases.