Atlanta Gun Lawyer

From the moment a person picks up the phone and speaks with a criminal defense law firm in Atlanta, Georgia about their gun charge, they are opening a door to knowledge and reassurance that there is a solution. There is an Atlanta gun lawyer who will care about the person’s case and the charges they are facing. That gun attorney will guide the person through the process, and communicate with them throughout the process of defending their gun charge in Georgia.

A law firm should have a team behind the attorney to help with all facets of the case from obtaining evidence, records and information, investigating the police officers who are investigating the client, and looking for solutions to find the hole in the State’s case to provide a defense for the gun charge in Georgia.

Atlanta Gun Enforcement

Gun crimes can be both misdemeanors and felonies in Atlanta. They carry punishments as small as a mere fine and as frightening as life imprisonment if someone is convicted of possessing a firearm during the commissions of a felony if the defendant has also have been convicted of another very serious crime.

With terrorism concerns, gun possession has become a focal point politically. It is highly likely that gun laws, as we move forward into a new era of public fear of active shooters, will become targets of very severe punishment and prosecution. Prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves may choose to heavily target defendants facing gun charges in Atlanta in the near future.

Gun Lawyers with Local Experience

Different counties treat gun offenses in different manners. Rural counties familiar with hunting violations may regard gun offenses differently than some of the more urban counties that are unfamiliar with hunting violations. Urban counties are more experienced with unlicensed possession charges and possession by felons and may treat them more harshly than rural counties.

It is important to hire an attorney in Georgia who is experienced with the particular county’s treatment, whether it is Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, or another Georgia county, of violations of gun crimes and gun laws in the area whether they are municipal ordinances, state laws, or county ordinances. An experienced gun attorney knows how to defend a gun offense case. It is also important to have an attorney who knows the prosecutors and judges in the particular jurisdiction where someone is charged with a gun offense.

Prosecutors have a tremendous amount of control over how to punish gun offenses because most cases are resolved through extensively negotiated pleas. Having an attorney who knows the prosecutors in the jurisdiction is crucial. He or she knows a good deal and a bad deal. The way prosecutors treat gun offenses determines what a person’s options, method of defense, and whether or not to go to trial.

Finding an Aggressive Atlanta Gun Lawyer For Your Defense

An aggressive Atlanta gun attorney is an experienced attorney who is prepared to do everything necessary to defend the client and obtain a not guilty verdict at trial. An aggressive attorney takes the position with the prosecution that lets the prosecutor know that this attorney and this defendant are prepared to go the distance to defend the charges, to put a jury in the box and to defend the client’s case with all constitutional means available.

An aggressive defense attorney prepares the client to testify if necessary. An aggressive defense attorney investigates the facts and underlying circumstances of the case. An aggressive defense attorney has an experienced private investigator on his staff to uncover favorable evidence. An aggressive defense attorney advises his client on all the options available and gives his client options based on attorney’s extensive experience with gun trials.