DeKalb County Probation Lawyer

Probation is often given in lieu of a much more severe punishment, such as a prison sentence. However, those under probation supervision are subject to significant scrutiny by the court, their probation officer, and the prosecutor. You are expected to follow all requirements and abide by any restrictions. Allegations that you violated these rules could result in additional penalties or even the revocation of your probation.

If you are under probation supervision, you are entitled to work with a skilled attorney when facing violation allegations. Let a DeKalb County probation lawyer help protect your rights and fight back against potential penalties.

Penalties for Probation Violations

There are noteworthy penalties that might be imposed if a person is convicted of a probation violation. These penalties might include additional probation time or stricter probationary conditions. A violation could also lead to heavy fines, revocation of probation, and jail time.

Defense of these accusations is key to protecting a probationer’s constitutional rights. An experienced lawyer understands how to defend against probation violation allegations. They know how the justice system works in DeKalb County, including the unique aspects of the probation system.

What are the Goals of Probation?

Probation is used to help rehabilitate convicted individuals instead of simply incarcerating them. There are many reasons for granting probation as illustrated by Georgia Code § 42-8-35, including:

  • Preventing the probationer from unlawful behavior or injurious habits
  • Encouraging the probationer to work in an appropriate job
  • Requiring the probationer to receive testing and treatment related to their offense
  • Preventing the probationer from leaving certain areas
  • Preventing the probationer from interacting with people or situations that are considered bad influences

These are just a few of a judge’s considerations when deciding whether probation is appropriate. The judge has a significant amount of discretion in deciding probationary conditions and terms.

What Happens on a First Probation Violation?

Anyone placed on probation in Atlanta is expected to abide by certain rules and standards. This includes following state, local and federal laws as well as any other requirements the judge imposes. Additional criteria may be imposed on certain types of criminal defendants, such as those who faced sex offense allegations.

After a first violation, the probation supervisor will typically recommend actions the judge should take in the case. Minor violations may result in smaller punishments, while more severe violations could result in revocation of the probation status.

Subsequent Violation Allegations in Atlanta

Any violations after the first are more likely to result in significant sanctions and potential prison time. This is especially true if the probationer is accused of repeating the same behavior. When the stakes are this high, it is crucial to work with a local probation attorney on a rigorous defense to the allegations.

Work with a Probation Attorney in DeKalb County

Probation can be a great alternative to incarceration in jail or prison. However, it requires that you follow all conditions imposed by the judge. Failure to follow the requirements might result in additional charges, harsher sanctions, or revocation of your probation.

If you are accused of a violation, speak with an experienced DeKalb County probation lawyer at our firm. Our legal team is here to help you seek a positive outcome in your case.