DeKalb County Federal Criminal Lawyer

Federal crimes occur when an individual violates a law that has been set by the federal government rather than the state, and these offenses are usually serious. Because these cases involve skilled federal prosecutors and a complex system of laws that are separate from local statutes, you need to enlist legal representation who is has the proper training and experience to help you mount a strong defense. If you are facing charges of this nature, reach out to a DeKalb County federal criminal lawyer who could further explain your options for legal recourse.

Types of Federal Offenses

A person can be charged with a federal crime after committing a number of offenses, and these crimes often involve various types of fraud such as money laundering or counterfeiting, high-level drug trafficking, or illegal action taken on federal land such as a national park. Most federal crimes are felonies, but they can include misdemeanors depending on the specific circumstances of a case. A knowledgeable federal defense attorney in the area could take on an individual’s case regardless of the details of their charges and work diligently to protect their rights in court.

Building a Defense

In many federal cases, a lawyer can complete a significant amount of investigative work before an arrest is even made. Once they become aware of the possibility of a federal criminal investigation or the existence of one, an attorney will be able to make contacts and gather data about the particular situation and start building a defense.

This timeline gives a defendant’s attorney a large amount of headway into mitigating or eliminating potential criminal penalties, as they have the opportunity to start addressing important issues in the case early on. Sometimes an attorney may simply advise a defendant to do nothing in the first stages, or they may help them work with a federal agent as an informant for divulging crucial information for their government’s investigation. Acting in this role could lower the charges against the defendant and benefit their case in the long run.

An Attorney’s Role

A criminal defense lawyer can be a defendant’s advocate, voice, negotiator, and navigator during the litigation process. Experienced criminal defense lawyers can apply their knowledge from past cases to pursue a successful outcome in the defendant’s case. The first thing that a person who has been charged with a federal crime should do is enlist qualified legal representation, as any delay during these early stages of a federal case could have detrimental consequences. A local lawyer could know the exact steps to take to counter the prosecution’s arguments and could prepare the defendant regarding what to expect during this stressful process.

Let a DeKalb County Federal Criminal Attorney Take on Your Case

Federal crimes are tried harshly by the government and can have a lasting and detrimental impact on your life upon conviction. It could be vital to have a legal advocate on your side who could work tirelessly to defend your rights. You want someone who can give you the best chance at dismissing your charges through hard work, dedication, and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of your case. A DeKalb County federal criminal lawyer could provide all of that and more. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation.