DeKalb County Bribery Lawyer 

Bribery is among the most serious white collar crimes, as it involves the giving, offering, soliciting, or receiving of money or other valuable property in exchange for influence or power. If you are charged with this offense, contact a DeKalb County bribery lawyer immediately to speak about your case’s details.

Since bribery is a federal as well as a state offense, it may be especially important to work with an experienced attorney. The right legal professional could provide dedicated counsel and representation and could argue to the judge or jury that your actions were not intentional or the situation was misunderstood.

Bribery Defined Under State Law

Title 16, Chapter 10, Article 2 of the Georgia Code defines bribery as offering something of value to a person or agency acting on behalf of their local, county, or state government in exchange for consideration, benefits, or rewards. Public officials include legislators, municipal council members, municipal officers, judges, postal workers, police officers, and members of the General Council of Cities.

The bribe can consist of money, real estate, motor vehicles, or other property. It is important to note that not all gifts are considered bribes, and an elected or appointed official can accept some things of value, including:

  • Beverages and food consumed at one event
  • Awards, plaques, and similar commemorations
  • Legitimate salary and related benefits, commissions, fees, and expenses
  • A gift valued less than $100
  • Commercially reasonable loans made during the company’s duration
  • Actual and reasonable expenses, such as food, travel, and lodging
  • Promotional items distributed to public officers and citizens
  • Food and beverage expenses that are part of the official’s job perks

DeKalb County attorneys who represent defendants in corruption cases frequently cite these exemptions. They could also argue that the gift or offer did not exist, or that the bribe attempt had nothing to do with the official’s duties. For example, if the gift was given out of friendship, the prosecution cannot create a viable bribery case.

Penalties for Bribery Convictions

The state issues several penalties for bribery depending on the circumstances surrounding the case and the monetary amount of the bribe. If the defendant has prior criminal convictions, their charges could also be enhanced. Penalties typically include a fine worth up to three times the amount of the bribe, disqualification from holding public office, and a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Those accused of bribery might also face conspiracy and fraud charges that come with their own penalties, such as additional fines and prison time. A defendant will also have to deal with reputation damage that can affect their ability to find employment in the future, which is why working with a dedicated bribery attorney in DeKalb County could be beneficial to the outcome of a case.

Consult a DeKalb County Bribery Attorney About Your Charges

Bribery charges are serious and can impose lasting consequences on your life. It may be wise to take action as soon as possible by contacting a DeKalb County bribery lawyer. An experienced attorney could work tirelessly to build a strong defense and gather information in your favor from every possible angle. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.