DeKalb County Student Defense Lawyer

Everybody knows that students make mistakes. Teenagers and young adults often fail to make the best decisions in certain situations. However, if those kids are adults of legal age, the consequences of those bad decisions can linger for many years to come.

If you are a high school or college student who made a mistake, you should not have to live with the consequences of that error for the rest of your life. A criminal conviction could severely hurt your future academic and employment options. A DeKalb County student defense lawyer understands that the stakes are high when students face criminal or school disciplinary proceedings. An aggressive criminal defense attorney could protect your future by defending you in the court of law.

Criminal Charges Against Students

High school and college students frequently find themselves in trouble. Because college offers young adults their first chance of freedom, they sometimes experiment with drugs and alcohol. They often get into trouble after drinking or using drugs because these substances have lowered their inhibitions and impacted their ability to make sound decisions. Other times, students might succumb to peer pressure and commit what they believe is a harmless crime – such as shoplifting – as part of a hazing ritual or as a joke. Regardless of the reason or the motive behind the offense, it is still a crime that could lead to penalties.

Common Charges That Students Face

DeKalb County students most commonly face criminal charges for committing any of the following offenses:

A DeKalb County student defense attorney has extensive experience working with those who have faced different types of criminal offenses. They will listen to the student’s side of the story and work with them to protect their rights.

Possible Criminal Consequences

The penalties for a criminal conviction vary depending on the seriousness of the crime, and courts do not generally view the fact that a defendant is a student as a mitigating factor. After a conviction, a student could face a prison sentence, fines, community service, probation, and a criminal record. That criminal record could make it difficult for them to get into college or get hired for a job.

Lawyers understand how damaging a conviction can be, so they could work tirelessly to develop creative defense strategies to prevent a conviction or, at a minimum, reduce the criminal penalties.

School Disciplinary Actions

Sometimes schools decide to take their own disciplinary actions against their students. Disciplinary actions involving alleged criminal acts can take place at the same time as criminal prosecutions. These actions usually happen in front of a school administrator or other students, and not a formally trained judge and jury. However, school hearings also offer students fewer protections.

High schools, colleges, and universities can also hold disciplinary hearings for non-criminal offenses, such as cheating, hazing, plagiarism, or other violations of school policies. Disciplinary actions can result in steep penalties, such as expulsion or suspension, which is why it is essential to work with a local college student defense lawyer that has extensive experience.

Work With a DeKalb County Student Defense Attorney

The consequences of a youth indiscretion or mistake should not have to last forever. A DeKalb County student defense lawyer understands the sensitivity of these matters and could work discreetly to ensure your privacy. They know how important it is to work swiftly to reach a satisfactory resolution. Call our office for help as soon as possible.