Fulton County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes can be intimidating because of the massive social stigma that an accusation carries. Often those accused of sexual offenses will find their picture in the news, where friends, family, or co-workers can see. Unfortunately, there are rarely news reports at the conclusion of a case to tell the community that this person was not convicted.

Beyond just the social stigma, however, a person accused of a sex crime is also likely to face serious jail time, a long period on probation or parole, and the requirement to register as a sex offender. These charges have the potential to completely change an individual’s life in a negative way, making it important that those accused have guidance from a Fulton County sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible in their case. An experienced defense attorney can assist in preparing the individual for what to expect throughout their case and help build a strong defense.

Common Sexual Offenses

In Atlanta, the most common charges that Fulton County sex crimes attorneys deal with are rape, child molestation, sexual battery, aggravated sexual battery, and prostitution and pandering charges. Also, with a large population of university students and 20-and-30-somethings working in Atlanta, there is a high occurrence of rape accusations in situations where the contact seems consensual to one party and not to the other. As a result defense attorneys in this area end up representing a lot of young people facing charges, and often are able to successfully resolve their cases without a lifetime as a convicted sex offender.

Unique Aspects of Sex Crimes Investigations

More so than in almost any other type of offense, an investigation is necessary to build a strong defense. This defense will depend on a number of different types of evidence including physical evidence, such as DNA samples, and evidence taken from eye witness testimony of others who may have been around the social situation that gave rise to the sex crime. For example, it may have been around the family situation that gave rise to the child molestation charges.

As such, it is imperative for a sex crimes lawyer in Fulton County to have the point of view from as many witnesses as possible since it is a key part of the defense. These types of cases require dependence on the minute details of both scientific evidence and of the observations of the witnesses.

Sex Crimes Case Difficulties

The fear of facing sex crimes charges by the defendant can be a challenge as a sex crimes attorney in Fulton County tries to council the defendant during the early days of stress and the onslaught of emotions that come with being charged with a sexual offense. As the case evolves, building a defense within the context of the sex crime case is more challenging than almost any other case, because of the wide array of evidence that can come into play with scientific, physical, and oral testimony. These factors can make these cases difficult to build a solid defense without putting in hard work, asking difficult questions during our investigation, and staying in touch with our clients as our theory of defense evolves in these cases.

A Fulton County Sex Crimes Attorney Could Help You Build a Defense

Due to the serious consequences of a conviction for a sex crime and the consequences of merely being charged with a sex crime, including the social stigma that goes with being an accused child molester or rapist, a seasoned Fulton County sex crimes lawyer will have the team, knowledge, and experience to defend your case. A dedicated legal professional can develop a game plan in place from the first phone call to defend your case, and get you the best result from the charges you are facing. Call today to get started.