Fulton County Federal Criminal Lawyer

You may think it does not matter who arrested you—federal or state authorities—but that is not entirely true. Although there are some similarities in the types of behavior identified as illegal and the primary purpose of prosecuting violations (punishment and determent), the federal and state criminal systems operate very differently. To fully exercise your rights and protect your future, it is advisable to retain the services of a seasoned Fulton County federal criminal lawyer.

A knowledgeable defense attorney could help your case moving forward.

The Scope of Federal Law

The U.S. Constitution grants Congress the authority to pass legislation on various areas, including banking, immigration, patents, money printing and regulation, taxation, and interstate commerce. Congress also possesses the power to regulate activities on federally owned lands such as parks and buildings.

United States Code, Title 18 encompasses the vast majority of federal crimes, which run a broad spectrum from arson to wiretapping. Several other U.S. Code titles identify criminal activity related to their specific subjects, such as 26 U.S.C. § 7201 of the Tax Code, which criminalizes the failure to pay taxes. Federal courts may also hear cases involving illegal activity that implicates crossing from one state to another.

Federal prosecutions often center on white-collar crimes, but many federal crimes involve physical violence as well. Common federally prosecuted crimes include:

The differences in the processes, procedures, laws, and penalties of the federal structure versus the state’s can impact how an accused person approaches defending themselves. Fulton County lawyers versed in the U.S. Code and familiar with the federal criminal system may offer more adept representation than attorneys who do not regularly practice in this area.

Enforcing and Prosecuting Federal Law Violations

There is no overall U.S. police force that investigates federal law infringements. Instead, Congress divided this responsibility among various agencies that oversee different aspects of the federal government’s jurisdiction. Some of the most well-known are the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Federal criminal prosecutions are conducted by either U.S. attorneys or the Department of Justice lawyers. These experienced, trial-ready litigators have knowledge of federal law and judiciary. To effectively counter these capabilities, defendants should partner with seasoned federal criminal defense counsel.

State and Federal Statutory Schemes

There is a constitutional concept that a person may not be tried for the same crime twice. However, this protection does not apply when illegal conduct constitutes a crime under both state and federal law because each jurisdiction views the charge as a separate, independent offense.

It is crucial for people facing prosecution in both forums to develop a comprehensive defense plan that does not compromise their case before either court. Seasoned federal criminal attorneys in Fulton County understand this dynamic and will keep this concern in the forefront as they develop their defense strategy.

Rely on the Skill of a Fulton County Federal Criminal Attorney

Federal criminal charges can result in lengthy prison terms and hefty fines, in addition to punishments levied by state courts. Seasoned professionals represent the U.S. government in such cases, and you can secure the same level of legal talent by hiring a Fulton County federal criminal lawyer. A powerful legal team is eager to help you, so call today.