Fulton County Assault Lawyer

Assault is a crime of violent nature against another person, and depending on the form of violence, can even be a felony charge. As such, it is important to have a trained criminal attorney who can help sort through the facts and circumstances of the case and build the defense around reasonable facts and perceptions of a witness to the situation as compared to the alleged victim’s perceptions. A Fulton County criminal lawyer, who is experienced in handling assault charges, will know the best method to defend your case and be able to counsel and advise you as the defense of your case unfolds.

Ultimately, it’s important to know what your options are and what can be done to avoid the serious consequences that can arise whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony assault in Fulton County.

Elements of Assault

In Georgia, assault is an attempt to commit a violent act against someone else, or an act that places a person’s reasonable apprehension as immediately receiving a violent injury. Assault can unfold into further elements beyond its most basic elements like a swing and a miss, and a swing and a stop, to involve tools like a gun or a knife, to then evolve into an aggravated assault.

These charges are inherently violent and the social stigma that comes with allegedly attacking another person is difficult for many people to bear due to the public nature of criminal charges and the arrest. With this in mind it is important an assault lawyer in Fulton County is contacted

Assault vs. Battery

Assault is the swing and miss or swing and stop without the physical contact. Battery is the progression into actual contact with another person.  Battery, in its most basic description, requires offensive physical contact between two people: one person who is not expecting to be touched in an offensive way, and another person who intentionally touches the alleged victim in such a way that it offends them.

Often, simple assault misses that touching element. Aggravated assault, however, often involves the further touching, and it’s beyond swing and a miss, or swing and a stop. It will involve strangling or other physical contact.

Assault Investigations

Fulton County officers do not usually conduct a long investigation before arresting someone for assault. Generally, an officer will have a simple discussion with the alleged victim and the alleged defendant, if the defendant is willing to talk, and will obtain statements from these conversations that they can use in support of an arrest and an individual conviction.

It is not a good idea to speak with Fulton County law enforcement during the early stages of an assault investigation without having first consulted with an assault attorney in Fulton County present with you when meeting with detectives to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case.

Importance of An Attorney

Assault crimes in Fulton County generally receive a low-level investigation by detectives because Fulton County is one of the busiest criminal jurisdictions in the state of Georgia. Therefore, detectives have a massive case load and have to do succinct and quick investigation into the files that pile upon their desk. That may or may not mean talking to more than just the victim themselves.

It’s important to have a Fulton County assault lawyer who can help build your story from the defendant’s perspective, in hopes of persuading a detective in the early stages of an investigation. If that is not an option, the lawyer can help build the defense with negotiations with the prosecutor and if necessary, preparation and completion of a jury trial for the best possible outcome in an assault case.

Law enforcement in Fulton County is simply too busy to give assault cases a full and thorough investigation because of the more serious crimes that mandate Fulton County law enforcement.

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