Fulton County Gun Lawyer

Most gun charges in Georgia arise as extra charges from some other type of crime, such as possession of narcotics or aggravated assault where the person has a weapon on them at the time of that other offense. They then find themselves facing that added-on weapons charge or gun charge on top of whatever else the person already was facing. This is different from most other types of charges in that punishment is tacked on to whatever else the person is facing.

In addition to being frustrating this can often mean a person faces a very serious amount of time thereby making it important a  Fulton County gun lawyer is contacted. An experienced lawyer in Fulton County will be able to help you through the process as they bring their experience in gun charge cases and their knowledge of Fulton County laws to your case. Having a strong defense on your side can help you immensely, and gives you the chance to minimize the penalties of your case.

Common Gun or Firearm Offenses

Other than the possession of a weapon during a commission of some other felony, Fulton County gun attorneys see a lot of charges for possession of weapons or firearms by convicted felons. Georgia has a significant population of people who are on felony probation or have been convicted of a felony crime. Our gun cultures still retain access to a possession of firearms, despite the fact that the law has said that they are no longer allowed these firearms.

It is considered a probation violation as well as separate and distinct crime. Therefore if you are on felony probation or have been convicted with a felony crime in the past, you must inquire as to the current status of your gun rights and whether or not you can lawfully possess a weapon. That includes trips to the gun range to shoot or to go hunting. Otherwise you may be facing a felony and a jail sentence of up to 5 years.

Potential Penalties

Most felony gun offenses in Fulton County fall into the five-year range, meaning a five-year maximum sentence when facing a gun charge. The key to remember is that legislatively, this must be added on to whatever other crimes an individual is convicted of and sentenced for. Therefore, possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony and possession by a convicted felon charges will be added on to other charges the individual is facing. As such, it is important to understand what rights exist with respect to firearms, and to know what local and county ordinances affect the ability to possess and transport weapons in Fulton County.

Long-Term Repercussions of a Conviction

Most gun charges, with the exception of carrying a gun without a license for the first time, fall into the felony category. However, even carrying a gun without a license can turn into a felony offense with any subsequent conviction within five years. As a result it is imperative to consult with a gun lawyer in Fulton County to put a strong defense forth.

Advantages of Having an Attorney

A passionate and aggressive Fulton County gun lawyer will be able to start building your defense from the first phone call throughout the life of your case, and obtain the best result possible, whether that is a negotiated plea, a not guilty verdict, or dismissal of your charges. To learn more or discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation today.