Fulton County Theft Lawyer

A theft offense may range from a misdemeanor to a felony under state law, but in every case, these charges could have a negative impact on your life. Criminal charges appear on your record and could make it difficult to find and maintain employment. Penalties may include the loss of rights, high fines, and prison sentences depending on the severity of the charges against you.

You deserve to have an experienced Fulton County theft lawyer represent you. A dedicated defense attorney could help protect your rights at every step of the case.

Definition of Theft Under Georgia Law

State law creates a broad definition of the word “theft.” If a person takes or converts another’s property or services without their permission, and with the intent to deprive the owner of the possession, use, or rights of the services or property, they have committed a theft offense.

State law creates separate categories of theft offenses under Article 1 of Title 16 of the Criminal Code. Each has its own set of potential penalties and elements of proof. The most commonly charged categories of theft include:

  • Theft by taking
  • Theft by deception
  • Theft of services
  • Theft by conversion
  • Theft by shoplifting
  • Theft by receiving stolen property
  • Theft by extortion

Each of these types requires a specific strategy in order to properly defend the case. A skilled theft lawyer in Fulton County could help build a defense to the larceny charges against the defendant.

Penalties for Theft

Due to the many different types of theft offenses, the penalties may vary greatly. The severity of the offense depends on the circumstances of the theft, including where it occurred, against whom it occurred, how it occurred, and the value of the property or services taken.

Misdemeanor offenses are punishable by up to one year in prison and may carry fines in varying amounts. Felonies are punishable by more than one year and carry the potential for decades in prison. Fines of up to $100,000 are also possible for felony-level offenses.

A unique part of state law is the concept of “wobblers.” Judges have the option to sentence certain felonies that are punishable by ten or fewer years in prison as misdemeanors. A Fulton County attorney could help the defendant understand the specific theft charges and penalties they face.

Preparing a Criminal Defense to Theft Charges

A well-prepared defense is crucial to protecting a defendant’s constitutional rights and attempting to reduce or dismiss the charges. Building a defense takes the experience and hard work of a knowledgeable attorney. Possible defenses that may apply to a defendant’s case include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of a motion to suppress evidence
  • Presenting reasonable doubt to the jury
  • Cross-examining witnesses
  • Presenting affirmative defenses
  • Challenging the prosecutor’s facts at trial

Every case requires its own uniquely formulated defense strategy. These defenses listed may be modified or added to in order to create a strategy specifically for the defendant.

Present a Defense with the Help of a Fulton County Theft Attorney

You deserve a proper defense with the help of a qualified lawyer. A proper legal strategy can greatly impact your case and may be of assistance in reducing or dismissing the charges against you.

If you face larceny charges, a Fulton County theft lawyer could help fight for a favorable resolution. Reach out today for help.