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A prostitution charge can greatly affect your life, your finances, and your freedoms, and because they qualify as sex crimes, they are often aggressively pursued by prosecutors. They could also have a major impact on your reputation, which could affect your ability to gain or maintain employment in the future. Fortunately, you have the right to retain a qualified criminal attorney in your fight against these charges.

An experienced Fulton County prostitution lawyer could analyze your case and build a customized legal defense.

Prostitution Charges: Understanding the Elements of the Offense

Every state in the country has a prostitution charge, but the elements of the specific offense vary. Georgia Code § 16-6-9 prohibits the act of performing, offering, or consenting to sexual conduct for pay or something of value. Things of value may include money, drugs, property, services, or trades, and serious penalties may accompany prostitution charges under state law.

Notably, completion of the sexual act is not necessary for a prostitution charge to be levied against the defendant, as the attempt to solicit prostitution or engage in it is sufficient.

State law also prohibits other types of acts related to prostitution. This could include acts such as pandering, maintaining a place of prostitution, or pimping. Any act related to prostitution or its furtherance could result in a criminal charge.

What is Pandering?

Pandering is the solicitation of prostitution. This charge typically occurs against the “customer” who seeks the services of a sex worker. Even if a third-party was soliciting sex on behalf of others, the customer may be charged as well.

What is Pimping?

Pimping is a broad term that includes any facilitation of prostitution. This may include seeking out customers, setting a schedule for prostitution, forcing others into prostitution, and much more, and it may be charged as prostitution under state law.

Place of Prostitution

State law prohibits the maintenance of a particular place for the purposes of prostitution, including homes, apartments, brothels, and more. This is a separate crime but is often related and charged alongside prostitution.

Penalties upon Conviction

State law has many different levels of prostitution charges. As a result, the penalties vary greatly depending on the specific offense and the individual circumstances of the case.

Prostitution charges are misdemeanors in most cases, but fines of up to $2500 or a jail sentence of up to one year are possible. If the offense occurred within 1,000 feet of a school building or grounds, public place of worship, or playground or recreation center, the penalties may be increased. Penalties can include:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Sex education classes

These penalties may cause serious repercussions in a person’s life. Fortunately, a Fulton County lawyer could help protect the plaintiff’s rights and fight to minimize the consequences of a prostitution charge.

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