Atlanta Federal Appeals Lawyer

If you have been convicted of a federal crime, you do not have to feel hopeless, as a guilty verdict does not necessarily mean that your case is over. If you believe that serious errors were made in your trial and you want your case to be re-examined, you could file an appeal with the assistance of an appellate attorney. While the federal appellate process is incredibly complicated, an experienced lawyer could take your case through the process and provide effective representation to present your case in the best light.

If you need to file an appeal in federal court, an experienced Atlanta federal appeals lawyer can represent you. Let a legal advocate give your case the careful attention it deserves.

Filing an Appeal After a Conviction

Federal crimes can carry long prison sentences, high fines, and the loss of a person’s constitutional rights. A conviction could make a defendant’s life incredibly difficult, especially because a felony conviction could harm their chances of finding and maintaining employment.

With an appeal in Atlanta federal court, you can seek to overturn the conviction against you. An appeal can be based upon errors at the trial court level, problems with the jury, and much more. Only a specific analysis of a defendant’s particular case can determine what grounds may exist for a successful appeal.

Procedure in Appellate Cases

An appeal to a federal appellate court can overturn or modify the conviction and sentence against a criminal defendant. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decides appeals arising from federal cases in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia. The Eleventh District Circuit Court of Appeals is above the District Court where a defendant is convicted and sentenced, but is immediately below the United States Supreme Court.

The process to file an appeal in an appellate court can be complicated and is governed by strict rules. Any failure to abide by these rules can result in dismissal of an appeal, and may mean that a defendant is not able to overturn their conviction, even if it is warranted. Deadlines are strictly enforced. If a defendant wishes to appeal their conviction, the assistance of a knowledgeable federal appeals lawyer in the area could be crucial.

Potential Results of an Appeal

An appeal of a federal crime in the Eleventh District Circuit Court can have several different results, depending on the circumstances. Every case is unique, but there are a few common examples of what an appeals court may do with a defendant’s case:

  • Affirm the conviction in total, and uphold the sentence
  • Overturn the conviction and the sentence
  • Remand the appellate case back to the district court for further decision
  • Modify the sentence
  • Certify a question to the U.S. Supreme Court

What the appeals court does with a defendant’s case will depend on what the defendant asks the court to do and whether it agrees with the arguments made by defendant’s legal counsel. A local lawyer could give an individual guidance on all of these potential outcomes.

Consult a Federal Appeals Attorney in Atlanta

A federal court conviction is not necessarily final. You still have the chance to file an appeal that could lead to your case being overturned, modified, or affirmed. An experienced attorney could analyze your unique case and advise you on the necessary next steps.

If you need representation for your federal appeal, an experienced Atlanta federal appeals lawyer is ready to fight for your constitutional rights. Contact our firm today for a consultation.