What to Expect from a Federal Criminal Charge in Atlanta

Most often, people will not be charged the first time they learn about a federal investigation for a potential violation of a federal crime. Instead, what most often takes place is the individual will find out that they are being investigated, and that federal law enforcement want to know a little more about them. It is crucial that at that genesis of their case the individual does not say anything but they thank the investigators for contacting them and ask for their contact information. Then the individual should immediately hang up and call an Atlanta Federal criminal lawyer.

Initial Response to Federal Charges

It is imperative that the individual does not say anything that can be used against them later. Chances are, if an individual is under investigation for a federal crime the government already has a great deal of evidence when they have notified the individual of the existence of their investigations.

Therefore, it is important not to give in to that, and to put a stop to the gathering of that evidence as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Calling an attorney for advice on what to do next is the crucial first step to take when an individual learns that they are facing a federal investigation.

What to Expect When Charged

When charged with a federal offense, an individual can expect a very professional process as opposed to the state’s courts, which oftentimes are prone to time wasting and delay.

Federal courts are a more professional environment than the state court system here in Georgia. A person’s case will be given significant individual attention by the investigators and the United States Attorney’s Office and, of course, by the individual’s defense attorneys. Anyone facing federal charges can therefore expect for a federal case to take quite some time to resolve. It is rare for a federal case to be less than a couple of years from the initial charge or initial investigations to sentencing or to a not guilty verdict at trial.

Calling an attorney who is experienced in federal criminal defense processes is the best way to learn what to expect and to and learn more about an individual case.

Role of an Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are many things to the client, but above all they are a zealous advocate for their client’s defense and counselors on what to expect and what should be done.

An attorney in the courtroom will protect their client’s constitutional rights and exclude harmful evidence. They will lead the investigation team to find new evidence and to develop the client’s story. They will convey their client’s story to the prosecutor, to the judge, and potentially the jury from the client’s point of view, simply and eloquently, so that the client has the best chances to beat the charges that they are faced with or to minimize the impact of the difficult situation in the client’s well-being, ability to earn a living, family and friends, and overall enjoyment of life.