Proving Speeding Offenses in Atlanta

Being charged with speeding can come with high fines. If you believe you were incorrectly charged with a citation, you deserve to have your rights defended. The authorities have years of experience proving speeding offenses in Atlanta, and these cases can be difficult to defend on your own. However, a qualified speeding attorney could help you through the process and get any evidence available to help your case.

How Can an Officer Prove They Were Recording the Speed of a Particular Vehicle?

An officer can prove speeding primarily through testimony about the radar device data that was used in connection with the stop. It is important to note that the officer is not under any obligation to provide independent verification of the accuracy of the speed that was detected with the device.

If a driver is stopped for speeding, they can request that the officer calibrate the radar device that was used for their stop. However, the law enforcement officer’s testimony in support of the use of the radar device, the results from the stop, and the calibration and maintenance of the other radar device are generally enough evidence to convince a magistrate court to adjudicate the citation.

Atlanta police also use pacing to identify speeding drivers. When pacing, a law enforcement officer follows the driver at the same speed to verify how fast the driver is going. The officer can then use their own speed to determine if the driver in question was speeding.

Radar Device Tools

The primary radar device local law enforcement officers use to prove speeding in Atlanta is the modern Ka band radar gun. There are also rare detection devices that are embedded in traffic lights and certain areas in the city, which are most often used to record moving violations that include failing to obey a traffic control device, such as running a red light right. A qualified attorney familiar with the tools Atlanta law enforcement officers use could help a driver accused of a speeding violation.

Options for Drivers in Speeding Cases

A driver charged with speeding can attempt to undermine the prosecution’s case with the proper evidence and a skilled attorney. The driver can prove there has been a significant amount of time since the speedometer was verified to be working properly or that speedometer for the patrol vehicle was not subject to regular maintenance.

A driver’s legal defense could also challenge the weight of radar device readings by arguing that the officer has a lack of training or experience. If the defense can prove the officer using the radar device had inadequate experience or a lack of familiarity with the maintenance procedures and requirements, they may be able to avoid harsh penalty.

Call an Attorney with Experience in Proving Speeding Offenses in Atlanta

If you believe you were wrongly charged with a speeding offense in Atlanta, you should seek legal counsel for help disproving the allegations against you. Having an attorney on your side who is familiar with this area of law could give you a significantly better chance of minimizing the charges that you are up against. Schedule a consultation today.