Atlanta Traffic Lawyer

Traffic violations are misdemeanor offenses that occur while driving. They can include a wide range of offenses, from speeding or running a red light to reckless driving or improper passing.

Traffic tickets and traffic offenses can be a gateway to prosecuting more serious crimes and are also revenue generators for the cities and counties around Atlanta. With so many resources being used to catch and prosecute these offenses it could be beneficial for those accused to consult with an Atlanta traffic lawyer to mitigate the damage.

Common Types of Moving Violations

There are dozens of potential traffic violations under state law, ranging from minor infractions to offenses that carry real consequences. Examples of common moving violations include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without a license
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding in a school zone
  • Traffic signal violation
  • Reckless driving

After examining the specific circumstances of a person’s charges, an experienced local traffic lawyer could develop aggressively pursue a defense in each of these cases.

Potential Defenses for a Traffic Violation

Many issued moving violations are valid, but the police still routinely make mistakes. When a motorist is wrongly targeted for a traffic ticket, they deserve an acquittal on those charges.

Obtaining an acquittal starts with the correct defense strategy. No two cases are the same, which means every defendant needs a unique approach to their defense. One of the best defenses available in these cases is to argue that the state has failed to meet its burden of proof. Many traffic cases lack evidence of guilt, making this tactic potentially viable.

Mistaken identity is also a possible defense option. When traffic is heavy, the police may mistake one vehicle for another. In their rush to make an arrest, it is not unusual for the police to pull over the wrong vehicle after they witness a moving violation. A defendant could avoid conviction if they can show another party was responsible.

The Potential Penalties

Most traffic laws are misdemeanors, technically punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a $500 fine. Many traffic laws are limited in the maximum punishment available under that particular law, but 12 months of probation is a common sentence for many traffic laws in some courtrooms around Atlanta.

Traffic tickets can be revenue generators for the cities and counties, which is why this form of penalty is common for many violations. A person convicted of a traffic offense can also face defensive driving classes, risk reduction schools, community service, and other burdensome requirements, as well as significant time spent in court. All these factors can be a burden to a non-represented party charged with a moving violation, but a knowledgeable attorney in the area could help mitigate the repercussions.

What are Common Serious Traffic Infractions?

Though many traffic offenses are minor, some can have more severe consequences. One of the most common and serious traffic crimes is the unlawful passing of a school bus. It can easily happen if someone is not paying attention, but it is a six-point offense that can dramatically impair a person’s license.

Other serious offenses are reckless driving and aggressive driving. These violations are worth considering hiring a nearby traffic attorney to defend against, because they can greatly affect a person’s insurance rates and ability to drive in the state if they are a regular offender of Georgia traffic laws.

What are Reportable Versus Non-Reportable Offenses?

One of the steepest consequences of a traffic ticket is the potential impact it can have on the cost of maintaining auto insurance. When a person is convicted or pleads guilty to a moving violation, their insurance company can that as an excuse to increase their premium.

Fortunately, it is possible to have a moving violation reduced to a lesser offense that is not reportable. These non-reportable offenses are not treated like moving violations and will not show up on a formal driving record. A nearby traffic lawyer  could help someone worried about their driving record reduce their violation to a non-reportable offense.

Contact an Atlanta Traffic Attorney for Advice

Though traffic offenses are common, it can be difficult to go through the process of getting a ticket dismissed without the help of legal counsel. An experienced attorney could help someone accused of a moving violation understand their charges and the potential consequences they face and represent their rights in court.

An Atlanta traffic lawyer could resolve your issue successfully without you ever having to set foot in a courtroom, and allow you to maintain your clean driving record. Schedule a consultation today and learn more about your next steps.