Atlanta Extortion Lawyer

If you are under investigation for blackmailing or extorting somebody, you should get qualified legal assistance from an experienced criminal law firm as soon as possible. Illegally obtaining property or money by using threats or intimidation is a crime that can carry harsh penalties, including long prison sentences, and both federal and local agencies can bring extortion charges. A skilled Atlanta extortion lawyer could fight to protect your rights and help you mount a strong defense.

How is Extortion Defined in Atlanta?

Extortion is a felony crime that involves using fear to force another person to surrender something of value or take an action against their free will. Extortionists often try to coerce their victims into giving them money, providing them illicit or prescription drugs, discharging debts, or performing unwanted sexual acts. Extortionists use force or threaten physical harm, damage the victim’s property, harm the victim’s reputation, or take unfavorable governmental action against the victim to complete their crime.

Necessary Proof for an Extortion Conviction

A state or federal court could convict a defendant of extortion even if the underlying threatened crime did not actually occur. To convict a defendant of extortion, a prosecutor simply needs to prove that the alleged extortionist willfully and specifically intended to coerce another person into paying, giving something of value, or otherwise acting in a manner that wrongfully benefited the defendant.

Generally, a prosecutor needs to prove the following in order to convict on the charge of extortion:

  • That the defendant engaged in a threatening written, verbal, or printed communication with the alleged victim
  • That the defendant engaged in this communication with malicious intent
  • That the defendant threatened to commit physical harm against the alleged victim, harm their property, or wrongfully accuse the alleged victim of a crime that they did not commit
  • That the defendant knowingly made that threat with the specific intent to compel the alleged victim into committing an action against their will or giving the defendant money or something of value

A person convicted of extortion under federal or state law could face a large fine and receive a lengthy jail sentence. An Atlanta lawyer with experience in extortion cases could strive to reduce the charges and could negotiate with prosecutors for a plea deal that would provide a lesser sentence.

Types of Extortion Charges

Our firm has extensive experience working with clients who have faced a wide variety of both state and federal extortion charges, including the following:

  • Blackmailing
  • Loansharking
  • Wrongfully accusing somebody of a crime
  • Threatening to report another person’s involvement in a crime that they did commit
  • Threatening to expose another person’s secrets or private life to cause that other person financial harm or embarrassment
  • Cyber extortion
  • Bribery
  • Mailing a ransom letter in a kidnapping plot
  • Committing fraud
  • Demanding kickbacks in exchange for a governmental or authoritative action

A local extortion attorney could also represent someone who faces charges of accepting a bribe or receiving extortion proceeds. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys understand the charges and would work to strategize and come up with compelling and thoughtful defense strategies.

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If you have been accused of local or federal extortion charges, it could be crucial to consult an experienced Atlanta extortion lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable legal professional could listen to your side of the story and diligently work to mitigate your charges. To learn how our dedicated team of lawyers can help you, call our office today to schedule an initial consultation.