Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

Our experienced Atlanta criminal lawyers at Yates & Wheland begin preparing the case from the moment the first phone call comes into the office. Our criminal defense attorneys surround themselves with staff that know Georgia criminal law and deal with criminal charges on daily basis in courtrooms around Atlanta. We understand that criminal charges can be a frightening experience, but don’t panic. Take a step to protect your rights and schedule a consultation with an attorney or law firm with the skill-sets to handle your case.

Advantages of Having Experienced Counsel

An experienced criminal defense lawyer understands the court system, judges, and prosecutors (fiscales). He or she has relationships within the particular jurisdiction in which a person was charged with a gun crime and can obtain best possible options for a client to consider based on the admissible evidence in the case. The attorney is prepared to go to trial, if necessary, to defend the client with all possible legal means.

A seasoned criminal lawyer knows which plea deals are good from prosecutors and when negotiations are agreed upon to give the client the best possible options to consider. In most case, the major decision that a client faces is Trial versus Plea. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer knows how to explain the charges to the client in a way that clearly conveys the consequences of the plea and consequences of going to trial and losing and explain the benefits of winning a trial. A skilled lawyer knows how to discuss evidence, to exclude statements, and protect a person’s constitutional rights when they are facing criminal charges in Atlanta area.

Contact an Attorney Early In Your Case

Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible can raise a shield and empower a person with knowledge they otherwise would not have if they lacked a lawyer defending their criminal case. A lawyer prevents a person from making mistakes from the moment they begin speaking with them and advocate on their behalf at the bond hearing and trial.

It is important to hire a lawyer when a person faces criminal charges at the earliest possible moment because a criminal lawyer in Atlanta can help investigate the case, protect the person’s rights, keep them from making costly mistakes by meeting police officers and being tricked into saying something while on camera or on audio recording that might be used against them later. A well-practiced lawyer guides, educates, and helps the person make a decision on whether it is beneficial to speak with police, whether it is required that the person provides the authorities with some evidence, and whether they are required to let the police into their home unless they have a search warrant.

Looking for an Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

Everyone should know they have the right to an attorney and that most criminal defense attorneys will speak with a person briefly during a consultation. Whenever someone faces a criminal charge—whether for DUIdrug possessionassault, or theft—they should pick up the phone and call an Atlanta criminal lawyer. That opens the door to knowledge, reassurance and protection in an unfair, difficult situation when someone is facing criminal charges in Georgia. You will have someone on your side who knows the law and who can fight for you to defend your rights in Atlanta, Georgia when charged with criminal offenses.