Gwinnett County Probation Lawyer

Once you have been convicted of a criminal offense, you may wish to pursue probation as an alternative to other penalties at sentencing. Maybe you have already been sentenced and are dealing with the supervision of probation. Either way, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands how to represent your best interests at legal proceedings.

A seasoned Gwinnett County probation lawyer is prepared to assist you with your probation sentence and supervision. Whether you seek probation instead of jail time, or are dealing with allegations of a violation, you deserve dedicated assistance from a legal advocate.

What is Probation?

Probation is an alternative sentence for those convicted of a criminal offense. Instead of a jail sentence, the convicted person is given an opportunity to reintegrate to society while under supervision. This benefits the state as well as the convicted person. The state can save the many costs of imprisoning a person and seek to rehabilitate instead of simply punishing them.

A probationer is assigned to supervision under the direction of a probation officer. This officer oversees their case and ensures that they meet all their obligations. The officer may also identify potential violations and report them to the judge, which could result in revocation of a person’s probation.

Probation Violation Hearings in Gwinnett County

An officer may initiate probation violation proceedings if they believe that there has been a violation. This proceeding will determine whether the probationer will face any additional penalties for the alleged probation violation. The state must prove that the probationer committed the alleged violation by a preponderance of evidence.

At the hearing, the state and the probationer can present evidence about the alleged violation. The probationer has the right to work with a diligent local attorney who could prepare and present an effective defense at this hearing.

Defending a Probation Violation Hearing

A probationer may defend their case with the help of a Gwinnett County attorney. A skilled probation lawyer may utilize various strategies depending on the case. These may include:

  • Showing that the violation was accidental
  • Proving that a violation did not occur
  • Arguing that the violation was minor, and that probation should not be revoked
  • Arguing for community service rather than incarceration

What Happens if the Court Finds a Violation?

If a court finds that the probationer has violated one or more terms of the probation, the court may take any of the following actions:

  • Impose additional community service
  • Submit defendant to intensive probation
  • Utilize a diversion center or special alternative incarceration
  • Revoke probation and impose a prison or jail sentence

The court may also have other legal options for dealing with a probation violation. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the potential penalties a probationer may face if they are convicted of a violation in Gwinnett County.

Defend Your Case with a Probation Attorney in Gwinnett

Every defendant deserves representation from a dedicated attorney, and those facing probation violation allegations are no exception. You have the right to work with legal counsel who knows how to correctly handle your case and protect your best interests.

Let a dedicated Gwinnett County probation lawyer assist you in your case. Contact our law firm today to discuss your situation and get the legal guidance you need.