Atlanta Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

In order to be charged with drug conspiracy in Georgia, it must be shown that an individual was in some way involved in the planning or execution of the distribution of drugs. This does not mean that the person had to cooperate on a large scale or that they even had to benefit or profit from the drugs, and in fact only giving someone a ride while being aware of drugs can often be enough to be charged. With this said, conspiracy is a very serious offense that carries prison time and very large fines making it imperative that an Atlanta drug conspiracy lawyer is contacted as soon as possible. A drug attorney in Atlanta will be able to provide legal guidance for the situation, and build the strongest defense possible based on the evidence of the offense. To learn more or discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

What Must Be Proven For a Conviction

For someone to be convicted of conspiracy to possess or traffic illegal drugs, the prosecution must prove that the person had knowledge that their actions were facilitating the possession, distribution, or sale of drugs. This means if you give a person a ride in your car and you know that person is involved in distributing drugs, you can be charged with conspiracy even if you don’t ever see, hold, or profit from the sale of the drugs.

This also means that if a person gives someone a ride thinking that they are legitimate and is unaware of any drug activity then they would not be guilty of conspiracy because they had no knowledge that they were assisting this person in the drug transaction. This is a situation that Atlanta drug conspiracy attorneys see quite often.

Conspiracy Investigations

Drug conspiracy cases from a law enforcement perspective are often like peeling back the layers of an onion. They’ll make an arrest of one person, and encourage that person to give evidence of someone else was involved in the conspiracy in order to receive beneficial or more benevolent treatment in court.

Then, typically the police will try and move up the chain of distribution from the street-level person to the person they buy from all the way up to the person that supplies their buyer. It’s an effort by the police to move farther and farther towards the actual source.

How Conspiracy Charges Are Unique

The ability to charge multiple people with conspiracy to possess, to transport, or even to traffic drugs is an important tool to law enforcement and officials in Georgia, and the prosecutors of the courts. If a person is part of an enterprise to buy, to transport, and to sell drugs, they can be charged even if they’re not in actual possession. That is why it’s such a powerful tool for prosecutors to be able to charge with conspiracy.

Can You Be Charged With Conspiracy and the Underlying Offense?

Many times in Georgia, people are charged not only with conspiracy to distribute drugs, but also charged with the actual possession of the drugs themselves.

Hiring An Atlanta Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

The most important thing when looking for a drug conspiracy lawyer in Atlanta is to handle any type of case is to meet with the lawyer in person and ask about his or her experience with the type of matter that he or she will be handling for you. It’s important to know whether the lawyer has ever taken any such cases all the way through a jury trial, or whether that lawyer has simply encouraged people to plead guilty. Ask a lot of questions and make sure that the lawyer is willing to speak with you honestly about his or her experience in these types of cases. Conspiracy can be very tricky cases and as a result you need a lawyer who’s experienced in these specific types of cases.