Drug Charges in Atlanta

Drug charges, whether they are misdemeanors or felonies, can be intimidating in Atlanta because of the possibility of jail time, years of probation, alcohol and drug treatment mandated by the court, and being forced into months of drug treatment programs run by the court.

The possibility that the courts can control a person’s life for an extended period of time is frightening to most people. The possibility that someone can lose their privilege to drive because of a drug charge is also frightening. The social stigma of a person being arrested while in possession of serious drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and having their picture on the internet on the local Sherriff’s website is frightening.

However, when facing these charges, it is important not to panic and to take steps to protect yourself. This includes doing research about the charges you are facing, and also conducting research on experienced drug attorneys who may be able to represent you. It is important to schedule consultations and to look for an attorney in whom you can place your confidence and trust.

Marijuana Possession Charges in Atlanta

The most common drug charge is possession of a small amount of marijuana. It is a crime similar to DUI that occurs across age ranges, social strata, and social-economic backgrounds. It is an every man’s crime. Many states in other areas of the country have opted to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Georgia is a more conservative state that has not elected to wade into the waters of legalized pot. It is still a crime to possess a small amount of marijuana in Georgia. It is a misdemeanor and is not as serious as it used to be. In fact, for a first-lifetime possession offense in Georgia, it won’t even go on a person’s official criminal history. A conviction will result in a small fine and possible probation.

This conviction can follow someone in other ways. Their photo might be online on sites such as www.mugshots.com. The online sites often refuse to remove those photos without proof that the drug charges were dismissed or the person was acquitted.

Simply paying the fine for a marijuana charge can lead to consequences. It is essential that a person speaks with an attorney before making any decision that can affect their criminal history and criminal consequences from their actions in the court system.

Possession of Cocaine or Heroin

There are many other charges on more serious drugs such as possession of cocaine and heroin, two of the most common felony level possession charges. Atlanta, especially on the lower west side of downtown, is a hotbed for heroin and heroin arrests. Cocaine arrests are volumious in a similar fashion between Midtown and Buckhead.

Drug Charges Students May Face

There is a large youth population in Atlanta and many colleges such as is Georgia Tech, Emory, Kennesaw State, and Georgia Gwinnett College. These universities provide the city with abundant youthful population who are eager to learn and experience all that Atlanta has to offer.

It also creates opportunities for police officers to impose themselves on the young students who are often trying to simply have a good time. It is important for these young people to know they have rights, that help is often just a phone call away, and that they should never, ever speak to the police without their lawyer present.