Gun Transportation Laws in Gwinnett County

The transportation of equipment like rifles, shotguns and side arms when individuals travel to different locations to shoot is often required in hunting, a popular pastime in Georgia. While traveling to these places and carrying their firearms, individuals may be pulled over for a traffic stop where their guns may be questioned. In this situation, an officer may have probable cause to search the vehicle, depending on the type of weapon scene and the situation observed, and this could in criminal charges for people who were only attempting to engage in recreation.

If you are facing firearms charges in the context of gun transportation, a qualified legal professional could help you avoid conviction by examining the facts of your case. A skilled gun lawyer could use the available evidence to prove that you were abiding by Gwinnett County gun carrying laws during your trip and help minimize any repercussions.

Proper Firearm Transportation

If someone is transporting a firearm through the state, it is imperative that they keep it safely enclosed in a secured case. The ammunition should be separated from the weapon itself so that the weapon is not loaded. By doing so, as long as the individual is legally entitled to be in possession of the weapon, they   are allowed to transport it through Georgia.

Keeping a gun locked in a case will decrease the risk of legal trouble when faced with a minor traffic stop or vehicle search by law enforcement. An experienced local attorney could use the safe storage of a person’s gun as a defense if they are accused of hunting-related gun charges.

Gun Regulations and Air Travel

Though an encased gun is permitted in an individual’s car while traveling through the state, it is typically not permissible on a plane. A common gun transportation offense is attempting to bring a gun through airport security, whether the owner is aware of the gun’s presence in their luggage or not. If they have not obtained a special approval to transport the firearm in their luggage, or if they attempt to carry it onto the plane, a person will have to face an arrest by law enforcement and serious potential penalties. They could be subject to a state or federal investigation that could result in jail time and the restriction of their firearm ownership capabilities.

In these cases, it is crucial for an individual attempting to transport a gun to have a valid firearm license and registration. The lack of these certifications, along with a carrying permit, could lead to greater consequences and make it more difficult for an attorney in the area to defend an accused person in court.

A Gwinnett County Attorney Could Mitigate Your Gun Transportation Charges

Traveling with your gun means closely abiding by the state’s regulations and failing to do so could result in serious penalties. If you are being accused of improperly transporting your firearm, it could be crucial to enlist the help of a lawyer who specializes in Gwinnett County gun transportation laws. Call our firm today to speak with a knowledgeable legal advocate and get started on your case.