DeKalb County Federal Fraud Lawyer 

Federal fraud is a type of white collar crime that can result in serious fines and imprisonment upon conviction. If you are facing fraudulent activity charges, you should reach out immediately to a DeKalb County federal fraud lawyer who has experience  trying these cases.

The right legal professional could be a powerful advocate if you are accused of a federal crime charge. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may need representation to defend against state fraud charges as well. No matter how many charges there are against you and what they entail, a qualified federal attorney could work with you to formulate a viable defense throughout every step of your case.

Types of Federal Fraud

Federal law defines fraud under United States Code Chapter 47-Fraud and False Statements. Examples of fraud offenses that could be prosecuted by the government include:

  • Tax Fraud: Also called tax evasion, tax fraud involves taxpayers attempting to pay less in federal income taxes. They might overestimate deductions, add personal expenses as deductions, underreport their income, or fail to file tax returns, among other actions.
  • Mail and Wire Fraud: Individuals cannot use wire technology or mail for fraudulent reasons. Mail and wire fraud come in many forms, such as someone sending a letter containing bribe money to an elected official.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud: Individual providers and healthcare centers cannot perform unnecessary services or otherwise over-bill patients to collect higher reimbursements from the federal government.
  • Securities Fraud: Investment, Ponzi, and pyramid schemes as well as foreign currency fraud and broker embezzlement are among the illegal security actions that can result in federal fraud charges. Others can include deceiving investors and clients by providing misleading or false financial information.
  • Mortgage Fraud: Such fraud cases have increased following the 2008 economic crisis, and include equity skimming, loan modification schemes, illegal property flipping, foreclosure rescue schemes, and silent second mortgages.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: Individuals and businesses cannot misrepresent their finances and file for bankruptcy, such as by hiding assets for preservation reasons or furnishing false documents claiming destitution.

A skilled attorney in DeKalb County could help an individual come up with defense strategies directly tailored to their unique federal fraud offense.

Penalties for Fraudulent Federal Activities

Federal fraud penalties can vary in light of the crime’s severity and whether the defendant has previous convictions on their criminal record. Sentences can range from no prison time at all to 30 years of incarceration per violation, while fines can include a $250,000 per violation. Penalties can also include restitution and probation. Restitution refers to compensating those harmed by the fraudulent acts for their financial losses. Probation means the defendant does not serve prison time, but they must report to a probation officer or the court periodically. They must also follow all probation guidelines, such as refraining from drug use and not associating with convicted felons.

Consequences from federal fraud convictions can also include job losses, limited employment options in the future, and criminal records. A dedicated DeKalb County federal fraud attorney could seek a plea deal or case dismissal depending on the amount of evidence against the defendant.

Discuss Your Federal Fraud Case with a DeKalb County Attorney

Do not face your charges alone. A DeKalb County federal fraud lawyer could work with you to help you build a defense against your allegations and potentially walk away without facing hefty fines or prison time. Reach out to our firm to learn how the assistance of legal counsel could protect your rights. Schedule a consultation today.