DeKalb County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

If you are accused of conspiring to a drug-related crime, it is time to contact an experienced attorney who understands your circumstances and who can answer any questions you have. A DeKalb County drug conspiracy lawyer could explain what you can expect from the defense process, as well as your legal rights.

Drug conspiracy cases are often complex compared to other criminal charges since individuals can participate without realizing it, such as having a casual conversation among friends. By working with a drug defense attorney, you are defending your actions and requiring the prosecution to provide sufficient, undeniable proof of your alleged crimes.

Georgia Conspiracy Laws

According to Georgia Code § 16-4-8, conspiracy occurs when two or more individuals conspire to commit a crime, drug-related or otherwise. In drug cases, it means two or more people intend to break narcotics laws, such as distributing illegal controlled substances throughout the state or country. Other typical drug conspiracy charges include the following:

  • Possessing a controlled substance with the intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing controlled substances for distribution
  • Importing a controlled substance, either to distribute or sell to a second distributor

Importation accusations usually fall under federal drug conspiracy laws, as they involve attempting illegal substance entry into U.S. territory from a foreign country, such as Canada or Mexico.

It is common for individuals accused of drug conspiracy to face trafficking accusations. Conspiracy is relatively easy to prove due to circumstantial evidence, and trafficking often means multiple parties were involved. Controlled substance conspiracy attorneys in DeKalb County want to show there is reasonable doubt about the accused individual’s involvement to dismiss, or at least reduce, related penalties, such as prison time and fines.

Common Illegal Substance Defenses

Accused parties and their attorneys in DeKalb County use various defenses depending on the nature of the drug conspiracy charges. They might argue there was no agreement between the individuals, or that the accused person acted alone. In such cases, there is no conspiracy because at least two individuals must act for the accusation to have merit.

Other common defenses include withdrawing from the conspiracy. If one party originally conspired to manufacture, distribute, or import illegal substances but withdrew from the agreement and had nothing further to do with the unlawful act, conspiracy charges are generally dropped. However, the individual must have either stopped actions relating to the drug crime or informed the local police of the other parties’ intentions. If the person simply says they did not participate, the prosecution could argue they were still involved due to circumstantial evidence.

Some conspiracy defenses that do not hold up in criminal court include arguing there was no written agreement, there is no direct evidence, or that the crime did not occur for impracticality reasons. However, if the crime did take place, the accused individual will not be solely charged with conspiracy. Rather, they may be charged and possibly convicted of the underlying crime, such as drug trafficking or manufacturing.

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