Orders of Protection in DeKalb County

Instances of stalking, harassment, or abuse often lead the court to issue a protective order against the accused individual. If you are subject to an order of protection in DeKalb County, it is important to strictly abide by its terms, as any violation can result in serious criminal charges and penalties. An experienced lawyer could help you review the conditions of your protective order to avoid any mistakes and defend your rights if you are accused of breaking it.

Understanding an Order of Protection

According to state law, a protective order is a legal document signed by a judge that prohibits harassment, intimidation, or repeated attempts of contact. Someone who has a protective order issued against them will be prevented from communicating with the person who requested the order in any way.

These orders can be temporary or permanent, depending on the judge’s decision and the specific details of the case. Once issued, orders of protection in DeKalb County are typically in place on a temporary basis for a few months to a year. If the order is part of a larger case such as a divorce, it may be classified as a permanent protective order.

Conditions to Issue a Protective Order

Protective orders often play a role in the context of failed intimate relationships, but they can be used to prevent conflict in a number of different situations. Disagreements that devolve into intense verbal or physical altercations may cause an individual to fear for their safety, which is a common reason to seek a protective order from a judge.

These orders often arise out of convictions for stalking or harassment, as someone convicted of this offense will typically be prohibited from contacting the complainant after the case ends. This restriction may range from no violent contact with the individual up to complete prohibition on all contact, both physical or through means such as mail, telephone, or the internet. If the order is issued in the context of a criminal conviction, it will only last as long as the individual is under the terms of their sentence.

Protective Order Violations

Violating the terms of a protective order or condition of probation will likely result in a person’s arrest. If applicable, their probation could be revoked, and they may have to spend considerable time in jail or prison.

A person who violates a protective order will often face new criminal charges for aggravated stalking. These additional charges could add years of probation or incarceration and complicate an already difficult situation.

If a person believes they may have violated the terms of their protective order or a condition of a criminal sentence prohibiting contact, they should contact a DeKalb County attorney as soon as possible.

Reach Out to a DeKalb County Attorney for Help with Your Protective Order

Orders of protection are powerful legal documents that can impose serious legal consequences when violated. If you are subject to an order of protection in DeKalb County, you should consult with an attorney to ensure that you fully understand your limitations under the law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.