DeKalb County Stalking Case Process

Stalking charges are treated seriously by law enforcement and the local court system, and a conviction for this offense could result in harsh consequences. If you have been accused of stalking another person, you should reach out to a qualified attorney right away. A DeKalb County lawyer could give you peace of mind and fight for your rights through every stage of the process of your stalking case.

First Steps to Take

A crucial first step that a person accused of stalking should take is to enlist legal representation. When meeting with their attorney, they should lay out their entire situation without concealing any facts. Their lawyer must know everything about what transpired between them and the complainant and have access to all communications in written, digital, or audio format.

Stalking charges can be difficult to defend, especially if the accused person has a history of attempting unwanted contact against the complainant. Qualified legal counsel could make a significant difference in the outcome of a DeKalb County stalking case, which is why it is so important to speak with an attorney at the beginning of the process.

Building a Defense

After the initial interview, the attorney will gather information from third-party sources and may interview the complainant if they are willing to discuss the matter and are not otherwise prohibited by a protective order. The attorney may also discuss the matter with the prosecutor to obtain a clear picture of the state’s evidence while also negotiating for possible resolutions.

Once the attorney has reviewed all the evidence in the case and has determined what is admissible, they should be able to make an evaluation regarding the potential outcomes of the case and the possible defense options. Aside from a full criminal trial, these options range from a reduction or dismissal of the charges to a negotiated or non-negotiated plea.

When to Consider a Plea Deal

In certain cases, the evidence may simply be overwhelming, and an attorney may recommend a plea deal to the defendant instead of risking the potential consequences of being found guilty at trial. Potential plea deals could range from a stalking conviction to a conviction for a lesser offense, such as disorderly conduct, depending on the lawyer’s ability to reduce the charges.

Pleas are often a defendant’s best option in cases where evidence is written, repetitive, and serious in terms of threats. An attorney in DeKalb County who is familiar with the process of stalking cases may recommend this course of action to minimize the penalties, such as a lengthy jail sentence, that would otherwise be levied in these situations.

A DeKalb Attorney Could Guide You Through the Process of Your Stalking Case

Stalking is a serious charge that could follow a convicted individual for the rest of their life. Impairments to employment and educational opportunities and a public criminal record are all potential consequences of this crime, so it may be wise to consult a legal professional as soon as you are charged. Call today to speak with a skilled DeKalb County lawyer who could offer valuable advice throughout the process of your stalking case.