Behind The Scenes of a Personal Injury Claim at Yates & Wheland

By Attorney Bob Giannini

Being a lawyer is not all power lunches and fast-moving courtroom drama.  In fact, much of what we do is grunt work that the client rarely sees.  Recently, my partner, Allen Yates, took on the personal injury case of a women who had been injured in a car accident.  Citing some clause in their contract and the nature of the accident, the insurance company refused to compensate the woman for the damage to her car, her medical bills, lost wages, or her pain and suffering.  Not only had the insurance company told her they would not pay, but two other law firms had declined to take on her case.

Allen agreed to take the case, and we got to work.  We were able to research the incident location, and get photographs of the actual signage to refute the insurance company’s position that our client was equally at fault. We had to convince the insurance company that we would be able to show that they were acting in bad faith.  Reluctantly, the insurance company agreed to pay to full policy limits.

Allen Yates was then able to find additional coverage for the woman’s medical expenses and negotiate with the hospital to get them to reduce their bills, which they did.  The net result was that the client’s car was paid for, her medical bills were covered, and she received a decent check to compensate her for lost wages and her pain and suffering.

My point is that this personal injury claim was handled without any courtroom drama, and the client was mostly not even aware of the actions we were taking.  There were no smoke or mirrors involved. It was just grunt work behind the scenes.  I am glad we could help her and all she really needed to know was that we were able to get her the result she needed.

Car accidents resulting in personal injury actions happen on a daily basis in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  As Trial Attorneys at Yates & Wheland we have the ability to handle these cases both in and out of the courtroom.