Atlanta Bike Accident Lawyer

After suffering from a bike accident in Atlanta, an individual may be left wondering about what to do next. It is important that after any immediate injuries are properly cared for, the individual contacts an injury attorney as soon as possible. An Atlanta bike accident lawyer can assist you in determining the best course of action for your particular case, and help reward you any damages that you are justly entitled to.

Initial Steps

The reconstruction of the accident and understanding the accident itself is one of the most crucial steps in a case because it determines liability. Liability generally defines who is at fault. In the State of Georgia, who is at fault will determine who needs to pay damages to the injured individual.

Having a clearer understanding of the circumstances of an accident, whether it’s a bicycle wreck or motor vehicle collision, is the key preliminary step. This information is crucial in constructing the legal representation necessary in order to recover damages from the at-fault party.

Individuals should contact an Atlanta bike accident attorney as early as possible after suffering from a bike accident injury. In many cases following an accident, the most important thing is to get medical treatment and to get to a safe place. An individual does not need to contact a lawyer during the immediate period of medical treatment, and should not do so until they are safe and comfortable.

Having an attorney involved in a case from an early stage, after immediate injuries are cared for, is often the difference between an incomplete recovery of damages and total compensation for any damages. These damages include medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other forms of damages that an individual may have suffered due to the negligence of another.

Important Qualities of an Attorney

From the moment an Atlanta bike accident attorney is contacted, they can begin preparing a case as if it will proceed to trial before a jury. An attorney who begins preparing immediately, and expecting a full trial, can often produce the most favorable results. It is important that an individual asks their lawyer about their experience and the results that they have had with similar cases in the past. While each case is unique, many are similar in their circumstances. It is crucial to know if an attorney has handled car, pedestrian, and bike accident cases, and whether they have taken them all the way through to a jury trial.

An experienced attorney is known to the insurance companies and is normally cataloged in their database. It is important for an attorney to coordinate property recovered for their client, and to build a file through correspondence with the insurance companies.

An attorney can then demand the insurance company to follow the terms of their policy, and conduct their own investigation in addition to an attorney’s investigation. This is to ensure that the insurance company stays within the good faith requirements of Georgia law, and keeps their responsibility and their duty to their insured. It is important for an attorney to coordinate this recovery from all steps, from beginning, through litigation, and all the way to the end. This is the key to winning the case. Contacting an Atlanta bike accident attorney who conducts thorough and complete work is the best way to ensure a successful result.