Atlanta Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance fraud can take many different forms. Whether the fraud is against a private insurance company, Medicaid, Medicare, or other entity, the potential penalties under state and federal law can be severe. Individuals, businesses, doctors, and other medical professionals are commonly charged with this offense.

In your insurance fraud case, you may need the help of a skilled attorney who can handle the complexities of these types of criminal cases. If you are accused of committing insurance fraud, an experienced Atlanta insurance fraud attorney could protect your rights and fight to minimize your charges.

Health Insurance Fraud

When medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists commit fraud against insurance companies, serious penalties may result. This type of fraud typically occurs when medical personnel commit illegal billing to an insurance company. This type of conduct is treated very harshly, as a history of health insurance fraud has led to a major crackdown over the last several decades.

Health insurance fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • Double billing: Billing multiple insurance companies or double billing for one service to one company
  • Phantom billing: Charging for medical services that were never performed
  • Kickback: Hiding payments to providers in return for using certain drugs or medical devices
  • Cost Reporting Fraud: Lying on cost reports to increase reimbursement rates
  • Unbundling and Upcoding: Billing insurance companies for procedures that are more expensive than those actually performed on the patient

These include just a few types of health insurance fraud that can occur. In many cases, these fraud offenses are perpetrated against private health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. Depending on the alleged victim, health insurance fraud can warrant either state or federal charges, and a local attorney could help you defend yourself against both.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Automobile insurance fraud occurs when an individual or business falsely reports damages, inflates damages, or otherwise submits false information to its insurance company. This is often done to increase the value of payment made by the insurance company to the defendant. Many cases involve fraudulent mechanic bills, claiming damage that does not actually exist, and more.

Fraud against these companies can lead to serious criminal charges, including both misdemeanors and felonies depending on the value allegedly defrauded. An experienced insurance fraud defense attorney in the area could mitigate the potential penalties.

Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent claims against a defendant’s homeowner’s insurance could also lead to long prison sentences, high fines, and restitution. Claiming damage to a person’s home or real property in order to make a false claim on their homeowner’s insurance may subject them to criminal charges by the state prosecutor.

One common method of fraud against homeowner’s insurance is arson. The burning of a house for the insurance money is an incredibly serious crime, and the defendant could face high level felony charges for the arson, as well as separate charges for the insurance fraud.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud

Workers’ compensation is designed to protect the health and finances of employees injured while at work. When a defendant makes false claims in order to get time off of work, financial compensation, or other benefits they can face significant criminal charges.

Consult an Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney in Atlanta

Whenever a person provides false information to an insurance company in order to receive a benefit, they commit insurance fraud. If you are facing these charges, it may be vital to consult an experienced Atlanta insurance fraud lawyer who could use their knowledge of this area of law and the local court system to defend your case. Contact our firm today for a consultation.