Atlanta Fake ID Lawyer

It can be common for college students in Georgia to use fake ID’s to get into local bars and buy alcohol. Unfortunately, carrying and using fake identification can have harsh consequences. State courts often issue strict penalties for people caught using or creating false identification cards.

If you have been accused of using a false ID, you need to treat the charges very seriously. You may benefit from discussing your options with a fraud attorney who has experience successfully representing students and other individuals accused of possessing a false identification card. An Atlanta fake ID lawyer could work diligently to help you avoid a conviction and reduce the potential penalties.

Atlanta Fake ID Laws

Georgia Code Section 3-3-23 forbids the intentional possession, display, or use of any false or altered official identification card, such as a license or passport. Under this statute, it is a crime to use somebody else’s license, a manufactured fake license, or another person’s license that was somehow altered to change the birth date or name. An offender could face felony or misdemeanor charges based on how the accused offender obtained the card and how they intended to use it.

If the accused actually manufactured and sold the fake ID’s, then they could face felony charges. However, mere possession of a fake ID would likely only result in a misdemeanor charge. Similarly, state prosecutors treat accused offenders who use false identification to buy beer differently from those who falsify their identification on a job application. It is important to meet with an experienced attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible to discuss the different rules regarding fake IDs and how they pertain to each unique situation.

Possible Penalties for Using False Identification

Using a fake ID in Georgia could result in severe consequences. A young adult who foolishly decides to use somebody else’s license to go out for a drink could end up with a permanent criminal record. If convicted of a misdemeanor offense, an offender could receive up to a one-year jail sentence, while a felony conviction could lead to a 10-year state prison sentence.

Any conviction could also impact an offender’s ability to drive if the Georgia Department of Driver Services chooses to suspend their license. Convicted offenders would need to disclose their conviction on any future job and school applications. College and high school students could also face school disciplinary charges, and a conviction could impact their eligibility to obtain financial aid. Due to the potential ramifications of having a false ID in Atlanta, it may be crucial to have an understanding lawyer on your side throughout any legal proceedings.

An Atlanta Fake ID Attorney Could Help Fight Your Charges

If you have been accused of using a false ID, you may need immediate legal assistance. It could be critical to work with an experienced local attorney as early as possible after you are charged. Our team could advocate for your  rights and work to help you fight your case. Even if they cannot get your charges dismissed, an attorney could help you get the charges reduced. Call our office today to start working with a dedicated and experienced Atlanta fake ID lawyer.