Building a Defense for DeKalb County Robbery Charges

Robbery is a serious offense in DeKalb County, so it important to start brainstorming effective defense strategies as soon as possible after being charged with this crime. A strong defense will rely on carefully presented evidence to subvert the prosecution’s case, and an attorney could help a defendant prepare compelling arguments to bring in court. Do not hesitate to start building a defense for your DeKalb County robbery charges, as being proactive in this unfortunate situation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Initial Defense Preparation

The defense in a robbery case often begins with an initial consultation between the attorney and the defendant. This is where the defendant has the opportunity to explain the situation and let the attorney understand key facts about the case, including information about other individuals who may have witnessed the incident and could offer alibi protection or details about the defendant’s whereabouts during the course of the alleged robbery. The information gleaned from this interview could lead to important evidence that may cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

During this stage of a robbery defense, a skilled attorney in the area could also help a defendant achieve bond. If bond is granted, an individual may be released from custody but be required to wear an ankle monitor and avoid any contact with the person they allegedly robbed. If the defendant does not comply with the court’s rules, they could face additional criminal charges.

After this step, a defendant’s lawyer often interviews eyewitnesses or other individuals and may deploy a private investigator to gather further information. Information in a crime like robbery that often involves very little physical evidence is built on eyewitness testimony, so this stage of the process can be crucial.

Invalidating the Prosecution’s Case

When trying a robbery case, the prosecution has to prove that the defendant committed or intended to commit the crime beyond reasonable doubt. Accordingly, the most effective defense strategies often involve casting doubt on the prosecution’s arguments.

Often, the best defense is a good offense. A seasoned lawyer in the area will usually begin building a robbery defense by calling the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses into question, which can damage the foundation of their entire case. After casting doubt on witness testimony, an attorney could then question the validity of the prosecution’s circumstantial evidence.

An Attorney Could Help You Build A Strong Defense Against Your DeKalb County Robbery Charges

Robbery charges can carry heavy consequences upon conviction. Engaging an attorney who has extensive experience defending robbery cases with a track record of success could give a defendant the best chance of mitigating the potential penalties.

If you have been accused of robbery, a knowledgeable lawyer in DeKalb County could help you build a strong defense. A qualified legal professional could negotiate with the prosecution and effectively counter their arguments in court to help you emerge from this situation without a permanent mark on your criminal record. For more information on robbery defense strategies, call today to schedule a confidential consultation.