DeKalb County Fake ID Lawyer 

Fake identification cards are often used by individuals under the age of 21 to buy and consume alcohol, though they have other various uses. If you have been charged with using fraudulent identification, contact a DeKalb County fake ID lawyer who could help you build an aggressive defense against the prosecution’s case. Working with skilled legal counsel could increase your chances of dismissing your charge and subsequently moving forward with your life.

Defining Fake Identification Cards

A fake ID card features falsified or altered information regarding a person’s identity. While such cards often include their users’ photos, most of the other information is untrue. The user’s name and birth date are typically false in these cases, and these cards can also feature fake addresses.

Some fake IDs are simply stolen from other individuals and passed off as the user’s form of identification. This action is also considered fraudulent and may require a legal professional’s assistance in the event of a charge. Individuals who steal identification cards and use them in conjunction with stolen credit card numbers commit identity theft, which would result in separate, more severe charges.

Falsified IDs also include actual state-issued licenses and identifications that have their birth dates changed, usually for the purpose of purchasing alcohol. Regardless of the exact type of fake ID someone is accused of using, an experienced DeKalb County attorney could help the defendant fight back against their charges.

Penalties & Defenses for Faux ID Charges

An individual who is convicted of using a fake ID could face a  fine of up to $1,000 and a prison sentence of up to one year, according to Georgia Code § 3-3-23. Penalties can also include license revocation or suspension of driving privileges if the accused is a minor. If the person convicted of fraudulent ID use is an adult, the offense will likely go on their permanent record. While misdemeanor convictions can result in one year of jail time, felony convictions can incur up to 10 years in prison.

An attorney in DeKalb County could defend someone accused of fake identification use in several ways, depending on their age and the type of charge. Common defenses in these cases include:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of intent
  • Lack of understanding

A lack of knowledge defense means the defendant did not realize the identification card was fake, while lack of intent means that the person did not intend to use the ID for illegal purposes. Lack of understanding can be used in a juvenile case in which an attorney claims that the minor defendant did not understand the gravity of their actions. If it is in the defendant’s best interest to plead guilty in a fraudulent ID case, an attorney’s focus turns to damage control and methods to achieve a lighter sentence.

Let a DeKalb County Fake ID Attorney Take on Your Case

If you have been accused of using, manufacturing, or distributing fraudulent identification cards, contact a DeKalb County fake ID lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney with experience handling these cases within the local court system could be a powerful advocate while you undergo your criminal proceedings. Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more.