Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Injuries due to the negligence of another driver in a car accident can be daunting and debilitating, and, in many cases, the injured person may not be sure what their next steps should be. For this reason, it is crucial that person who has been injured in an Atlanta car accident contacts a personal injury lawyer right away. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help a person navigate their claim and ultimately build a case that will provide them with the most compensation possible.

An attorney can also understand that insurance companies and their adjusters are well-trained to avoid paying large sums of money towards a person’s case. Without the help of a knowledgeable car accident attorney, it is likely that a person will speak with an insurance company thinking it will be easy for them to recover money, but, in reality, they will say something that can negatively impact their case and the amount of compensation they receive.

Therefore, as soon as a person ensures that they have received the medical attention they need to begin their journey toward recovery, they should speak with an attorney about their claim. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can have the experience, the staff, and the resources necessary to maximize a person’s recovery. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Inclement weather is one of the biggest common factors in Georgia car accidents. There can be long periods of drought allowing road debris and fluids to accumulate on the surface which, when the rain does come in, creates slick roads for Georgia motorists. Stopping distances are shortened because of the amount of fluid on the road, whether it is oil or other debris, and collisions—rear-end collisions on the streets and highways around Atlanta—increase massively following heavy rains or snow in Atlanta.

Other causes of accidents that warrant attention from a car accident lawyer in Atlanta include texting while driving. It has become an epidemic for people that sustain constant contact with their smartphones to have their eyes glued on the screen rather than on the road where they should be. A quick glance down becomes a long stare at the pixels of a smartphone and before the driver knows it, he or she has collided with another vehicle or has run a traffic signal and smashed into another car, injuring someone. This distracted driving has become one of the greatest threats to a motorist’s safety in the State of Georgia and beyond.

Other Causes

In the evenings and at night in Atlanta, with its vibrant night life, a great many accidents occur because of impaired driving; alcohol and drugs are used widely by the citizens and visitors of Atlanta, Georgia. Many people, after imbibing or using, still get behind the wheel to get to where they need to go, and it is just another form of distracted driving when someone is intoxicated and driving a 4,000-pound vehicle.

Speeding on highways and streets around Atlanta has become a major problem and as people hurry to get to their destination and try to move faster and faster, accidents happen and speed increases the likelihood that injuries will be serious.

First Steps to Take Following An Accident

After an accident, the first thing you should do is get to safety, whether the accident is on an interstate, a highway, or surface street, there is a good chance that other vehicles that are not involved in the accident are still moving and this still poses a threat to you and your vehicle. Therefore it is important to find a suitable safe spot away from other moving vehicles or dangerous conditions and get to safety. 

The second thing you should do is call 911 to report the accident and to request medical attention if you need it. If you are physically unable to call 911, you should ask someone else to call 911 for you as soon as possible. Once you are as safe as you can be, away from other moving vehicles or dangerous conditions and you have contacted 911 and received the necessary immediate medical treatment, call an Atlanta car accident attorney’s office to establish that relationship in order to preserve that evidence at its most precious form which is a crucial step in the claim’s process.