Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents involving a pedestrian can often produce extremely serious injuries. Human beings are not built to withstand the impact of a vehicle, and can sometimes sustain life-long injuries that require constant care. For this reason, if you or a loved one has found yourselves injured in a pedestrian accident that was no fault of your own, it is important to contact an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. An experienced injury attorney can assist in awarding you any damages you may be entitled to, and help craft a strong case to ensure your unfair injuries do not go unacknowledged.

Elements of a Pedestrian Accident Case

A pedestrian accident is an incident involving a person, such as a pedestrian crossing the street, and a moving vehicle. The term vehicle could be defined as anything from a bicycle, to a car, to a commercial vehicle like a trash trailer or dump truck. The accident, regardless of who is at fault when it involves someone on foot and a moving vehicle, is called a pedestrian accident.

The main distinguishment between pedestrian accidents and general motor vehicle accidents is that cars were not designed to collide with pedestrians. There have been some modifications over the years that have made cars safer when they come into contact with people, but vehicles still inflict great amounts of damage when they collide with a pedestrian. Very little amounts of safety implementations have been made to mitigate the severe impact caused when a vehicle comes into contact with a person. A car can weigh anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 pounds, and commercial vehicles can weigh over 40,000 pounds. The average person weighs around 150 pounds. Therefore when those two objects come into contact, the human will always come out the worse for wear, which is what makes contacting a pedestrian accident attorney in Atlanta so important.

Common Injuries

As a result of the impact of plastic and metal on bone, the most common injuries include broken hips, legs, arms, and ribs. Sometimes, in the case of pedestrian accidents, these injuries can have a permanent effect on an individual. These injuries can vary from reduced strength to a leg because of long physical recovery time from a broken femur or tibia, or a more severe long-lasting injury like spinal damage or a hip with artificial elements in it.

Filing a Claim

Pedestrian accidents often involve serious injuries to the pedestrian, with very minimal to no injuries suffered on behalf of the driver. It is those injuries that can be life-changing in terms of the effect on an individual’s ability to live, enjoy life, go to work, and take care of their family. This is leaving out the fact that such an injury can cost an individual a great deal of money in terms of medical bills. These are accidents that no one plans or intends to make happen, but where someone must be held responsible.

Due to this fact, it is important to discuss a case with an Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney. An attorney can help an individual understand their rights and options on how to best resolve their situation, pay medical bills, reduce pain and suffering, recover lost wages, and manage the distractions that the individual’s family has suffered because of someone else’s act.

Valuing Damages

In the United States, the legal system is built on awarding an individual compensation, and in turn, making someone whole again. In terms of pedestrian accidents, the job is left to assign a monetary value to someone’s injuries, their pain and suffering, their medical bills, lost wages, and the loss of consortium for a spouse. It can be difficult to put a value on life and enjoyment, but awarding money to a suffering individual is the system used in this country.

It is complicated to value the myriad of things that are impacted by an event such as a pedestrian accident. Sometimes, several different experts are needed to prepare testimony and give weight to injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering, and all other elements of a pedestrian accident case.

Qualities of an Attorney

When searching for a pedestrian accident attorney in Atlanta, an individual should seek out one that has experience specifically in pedestrian accidents. This is important because these cases often differ greatly from traditional motor vehicle collision cases. The complexity of the injuries creates a case that will last longer than a simple motor vehicle collision case. The great impact of these pedestrian cases means that an individual needs a lawyer who understands the potential length of the case, and how to follow it through to the end.

Another key element that an individual should look for in an attorney is a good reputation. Talking with previous clients and reading reviews from past clients can be extremely beneficial in determining the right lawyer for an individual’s case.  Finally, it is important for an individual to be able to trust their lawyer. Trust will be built over time, over meetings and phone conversations with the lawyer. The right attorney will be trustworthy, understanding, and efficient in helping to best manage your case. Understanding how to build a case from a foundation to the end is what an experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney will provide to you and your loved ones after suffering from such an incident.