Impact of an Atlanta DUI on Insurance

Anyone who has been arrested for DUI should utilize the free consultations offered by our firm and many other Atlanta DUI lawyers to discuss their options following an arrest for DUI. It is best to employ that free consultation in the earliest hours and days following your arrest to ensure that your rights are protected, privileges are preserved, and you do not make any mistakes which might jeopardize your ability to earn a living or your privilege to drive in the State of Georgia.

Impact of an Arrest

An arrest is not the same as a conviction. If an insurance company finds out about an arrest, they may change the individual’s rates. If that individual is ultimately convicted of a DUI, then the insurance company will definitely increase their insurance rates. Insurance companies consider anyone convicted of a DUI to be a high risk to insure for liability purposes.

Generally, only an arrest for DUI in Atlanta will not result in a change to a person’s automobile insurance, whether that is an increase in rates or the insurance company’s decision to drop them and no longer insure them. The arrest will not likely result in that kind of change.

Impact of a Conviction

A conviction for DUI will certainly affect a person’s insurance policy and it will never affect it in a positive way. Most likely, the individual’s rates will increase. However, it is possible that a rate increase will not happen and their insurance company will simply choose to no longer insure them because of the increased risk of a conviction for DUI. It will be difficult for an individual to find insurance if they are dropped by their insurance company.

Other potential insurers will access the database which shares information that the person was dropped by an insurance company, and if they will insure them at all, it will cost them significantly more than it did prior to their DUI conviction.

Dropped Coverage

If an insurance company attains information about a DUI conviction or other traffic infractions, they may make the decision that they cannot insure that individual and they may drop them from coverage. An insurance company may also drop someone from coverage if they fail to pay. It comes down to money for these insurance companies. If someone is going to cost too much because of a string of actions or criminal convictions, they may choose to no longer support that person and to no longer insure them.

It is fairly simple for them to drop someone if they have reason to do so, although they must notify that person in writing and give them time to obtain other coverage prior to dropping them.

Role of an Attorney

A lawyer gives someone facing DUI charges an opportunity to avoid a conviction for driving under the influence in Atlanta.

The battle to avoid conviction begins almost immediately after the individual has been released from jail. It is important to have a lawyer from the beginning to avoid the pitfalls that could result in the insurance company receiving information about the individual’s DUI arrest and the suspension of their driver’s license, and to protect and maintain their innocence as long as possible. Also, if at all possible, a lawyer can help a person avoid a DUI conviction.

Insurance Information to Provide

If the individual has it available, their most recent insurance declarations page can be helpful. It is essential in the context of an accident case where they have been cited and the officer determined the accident to be their fault. That insurance information can be used to show the prosecution later that the individual did have insurance in place and that their insurance did take care of the damages the other driver may have suffered because of the accident. This information can sometimes help to obtain a better negotiated-plea deal with the prosecution for them to consider.