Atlanta Speeding Lawyer

When driving, it is easy to lose attention to how fast you are going and travel above the speed limit. However, losing track of your speed can have serious legal consequences.

Before giving up and paying your fine, consider speaking with an Atlanta speeding ticket lawyer. There may be strong defenses available in your situation, and a skilled traffic attorney could help you find and present them.

Speeding Regulations in Atlanta

Law enforcement tends to enforce speeding traps and monitor from a vantage point to capture drivers who are breaking the speed limit, especially in residential areas.

Although drivers do not typically receive a speeding ticket for driving less than five miles per hour over the speed limit, there are circumstances where they are more likely to be pulled over. For example, if the driver is in a work zone on Atlanta highways, they are in school zones, or there are other unsafe conditions such as serious inclement weather, they may be ticketed for speeding. Additionally, a driver who is going five over may be pulled over if the officer suspects they are driving while under the influence.

Super Speeder Citations

When a driver is ticketed for going 20 miles per hour over the limit, called a “super speeder,” they may face more serious penalties. In these situations, the driver receives 120 days to pay the fine. If they do not, the court suspends their license and gives them a $200 fine. After analyzing the evidence, a dedicated Atlanta attorney could explain the penalties applicable to a particular speeding citation.

Are There Times Drivers May be More Susceptible to Speeding?

There are general times during the day that drivers may be more susceptible to speeding. In Atlanta, drivers are more likely to go over the speed limit in high traffic areas during the afternoon rush hour between 3 and 6 p.m. Consequently, areas such as major intersections are more likely to be policed.

Law Enforcement Tactics to Detect Speeding Drivers

Law enforcement officers in Atlanta have tools and tactics to tell if a person is speeding. On state highways and interstates, for example, Georgia State Troopers use high-tech radar guns and carefully position themselves just out of sight. They use the radar gun and track the speed of oncoming traffic from a location where oncoming drivers cannot easily see them. In places where there is high traffic, dangerous intersections, and a high average of accidents, officers often position themselves in parking lots or areas where they can have an adequate vantage point.

An Attorney Familiar with Speeding Tickets in Atlanta Could Help

It is best practice to obey speeding laws to avoid unnecessary stress, financial cost, and potential accidents. However, there are times you may be caught speeding. To understand your rights as a driver and the regulations in Atlanta, consider contacting an Atlanta speeding lawyer knowledgeable in this area of law. Schedule a consultation today to start building a powerful defense and protecting your record.