Atlanta Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offenses in Atlanta are misdemeanor offenses that happen while driving. This can include a wide range of offenses including everything from speeding or running a red light to reckless driving or improper passing. Generally, Atlanta has hundreds of thousands of police officers who are on the streets to enforce these traffic laws and catch anyone driving unsafely. Traffic tickets and traffic offenses can be a gateway to prosecuting more serious crimes and are also revenue generators for the cities and counties around Atlanta. With so many resources being used to catch and prosecute these offenses it is important those accused consult with Atlanta traffic lawyer to mitigate the damage. To learn more or discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation with a criminal lawyer in Atlanta today.


Most traffic laws are misdemeanors, technically punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a $500 fine. In reality, many traffic laws are limited in the maximum punishment available under that particular law, but 12 months of probation is a common sentence for many traffic laws in some courtrooms around Atlanta.

Often significant punishments are meted out around the courtrooms in Atlanta because traffic tickets can be revenue generators for the cities and counties. Sometimes you can face defensive driving classes, risk reduction schools, community service, and other burdensome requirements, as well as significant time spent in court. All these factors can be a burden to a non-represented party who is facing a traffic ticket in Atlanta.

Common Serious Traffic Infractions

The most serious traffic crime that people do not think about is unlawful passing of a school bus. It can easily happen if someone is not paying attention, but it is a six-point offense that can seriously impair a person’s license if they already have points on their license before that. Other serious offenses are reckless driving and aggressive driving. These serious traffic offenses are worth considering hiring an Atlanta traffic attorney to defend against, because they can greatly affect a person’s insurance rates and ability to drive in the state if they are a regular offender of Georgia traffic laws.

Role of An Atlanta Traffic Attorney

When defending a person charged with a traffic ticket, a traffic lawyer in Atlanta will play the role of negotiator, advocate, and counselor giving experienced advice in guiding their client through the process of facing traffic law violation.

A lawyer can explain the possible consequences that you are facing, what courtroom you are in, whether you are facing serious consequences, or if you might be able to go it alone on your traffic ticket.

For many calls, an attorney may even give people a few minutes of guidance to handle traffic tickets on their own because they are not going to pay for the attorney to guide them. We advise them on how to negotiate and handle the case so that potentially they do not have to go to court at all. That is our goal in a traffic case—to keep our clients from ever having to set foot in a courtroom and to resolve it successfully so that the clients not only have a clean driving history but also exert minimum time and effort because of the traffic law violation.