Atlanta Solicitation Lawyer

An arrest for soliciting a prostitute can have serious legal and social consequences. A first offense could result in a steep fine and a few months in jail, and repeat convictions—or a single offense of soliciting sexual services from a child—could lead to a years-long sentence in a state prison.

To effectively pursue a positive outcome to your criminal charges, you may need help from a knowledgeable Atlanta solicitation lawyer. A qualified criminal defense attorney who has handled cases like yours before could work tirelessly on your behalf to defend your rights and preserve your future prospects.

Charges and Consequences for Solicitation in Atlanta

Under state law, the criminal act of solicitation entails offering to exchange or actually exchanging something of value for the performance of a sexual act. The exchange does not have to involve money, or even a physical item of value. Depending on the circumstances, offering services or favors in exchange for sexual contact could constitute a criminal offense.

Solicitation is classified as a misdemeanor offense in Atlanta, and a person with no prior criminal record who is convicted of this offense may face maximum penalties of 12 months in county jail and a $1,000 fine. A person who has a prior criminal history, especially someone with prior solicitation convictions, may be subject to harsher sanctions for a subsequent offense.

If someone is suspected of facilitating solicitation on another’s behalf, they may be charged with a high and aggravated misdemeanor. This means that a convicted defendant must serve a minimum of 72 hours without suspension of any jail sentence they are given. Representation from a nearby attorney could help mitigate a defendant’s risk of facing the consequences of a solicitation conviction.

Enhanced Penalties for Soliciting a Minor

If someone is accused of soliciting sexual services from a minor, the criminal consequences they could face upon conviction would be significantly more severe. Mandated fines are usually much steeper, and any sentence of imprisonment would be served in state prison and potentially last for multiple decades.

Anyone convicted of a felony sex crime, including solicitation of a minor, will almost certainly have to register as a sex offender with the state government. This means that they would have to provide personal and residency information to local law enforcement and submit to fingerprinting and photographing on a yearly basis. Retaining a skilled solicitation lawyer in the area may be crucial for any defendant facing felony consequences for this type of offense.

Seek Advice from an Atlanta Solicitation Attorney

Solicitation charges can have catastrophic consequences. Even if you can afford your fine and avoid jail time, your conviction may result in significant social stigma and a permanent loss of professional and residential.

Whether you want to contest your solicitation charges or simply minimize your risk of facing the severe repercussions of a guilty verdict, you should prioritize seeking counsel and support from an Atlanta solicitation lawyer. Call today to learn more about your legal options and schedule an initial consultation.