Atlanta Sex Crimes Lawyer

An experienced Atlanta sex crimes lawyer knows that a good defense to Georgia sex crimes can make the difference between a lifetime as a convicted sex offender or walking free without any sexual offenses. We believe that individuals should look for attorneys with criminal defense trial experience..

Investigating to Build a Defense

The attorney’s investigation is a key factor in building a defense. Most sex offense cases involve a combination of some physical evidence, conflicting statements from witnesses, investigations by one or more police officers, and scientific data. Many sex offense cases are “He said, she said” situations. It is important to work with an Atlanta sex crimes attorney who has an experienced team to vet every piece of evidence.

Sex crimes cases require a deep investigation, thorough analysis of all the facts, and interviews of witnesses. One of the things that is crucial in sexual crime cases is working with private investigators. They can help the sex crimes lawyer in Atlanta develop a defense and maintain the person’s innocence. An attorney and investigator work together to obtain data on cell phones, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and computers. Our team reviews all the evidence from the defense perspective. This thorough investigation and analysis provides the backbone for a defense of our client’s here at Yates and Wheland. From the first moment we interview our client charged with a sex crime, we begin to prepare for trial.

The Role of a Lawyer in Sex Crime Cases

The attorney’s role is to navigate a case; to guide and go through the process of defending accusations and charges against a person.

An experienced Atlanta sex crimes lawyer knows the law and the prosecutors. He or she should know the judges their client may be faced with when the case is ultimately indicted. The attorney provides the guiding light in the early days of the initial accusations and protects the client.

An experienced attorney will have the information about the possible punishment a particular judge may hand down in the event of a conviction at trial and what a person’s chances of success are at trial. It takes time and investigations by the attorney, his attorney colleagues, paralegals, staff, and private investigators to build a defense from the ground up. The process begins with the first phone call to the attorney’s office when a person is charged with a sex crime in Georgia. They are going to need a team to defend them against such serious charges in Georgia and should be comfortable with the team they hired.

Our team at Yates and Wheland has the knowledge and experience to protect your rights and give you top class representation if you are facing charges for sex crimes in Atlanta, Georgia. Call Allen Yates today to discuss your case at 770.237.3800.

Attorney-Client Relationship

The trust between the attorney and client are paramount in a sex crime case. The client must be able to trust the attorney fully with everything that the client knows. The client needs to know that the attorney will protect the privileged conversations with the highest ethical standard. It is the attorney’s job to zealously represent the client through all stages of the case.

The client should interview potential attorneys and look at the attorney’s background and results in other sex crime cases and in other criminal cases. They should reviews the statements from the clients of the Atlanta sex crimes lawyer they seek to hire. Our firm is serious about defending sex crimes cases in and around metro Atlanta. We have built the trust of our clients through years of hard work for earning their trust and defending them against charges like sex crimes in Georgia.

The Value of an Experienced Attorney

The difference in the sex crimes is that sexual offender registration (en en español registro de delincuentes sexuales) can come with a conviction for a sex crime and almost always the threat of serious jail time. Only an experienced sex crimes attorney can forge the full defense to give a person the best chance to avoid these severe consequences. Many lawyers pretend to be aggressive defense attorneys but they plead their clients guilty and aren’t equipped to handle jury trials. In fact, some attorneys go to great lengths to avoid having to try a case before a jury. The easiest way to avoid trial is to convince the client to plead guilty.

The prosecutors in Atlanta know which lawyers haven’t taken a case to trial or are unwilling to take a case to trial. Those attorneys have no leverage to negotiate the best possible plea deals for their clients to consider in lieu of the stress and risk of a trial. One mistake does not have to lead to a lifetime on a sex offender registry.

In many cases, a person might be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life if they have been convicted of a sexual offense. Even if they think they might possibly plead guilty, the biggest mistake is to hire an attorney who is only experienced in pleading his clients guilty. A trial attorney is the answer for a person who is facing serious charges because an Atlanta sex crimes lawyer with trial experience will be prepared to give the option to go to trial to defend a person’s rights and prove their innocence.