Atlanta Identify Theft Lawyer

Identity theft has become increasingly more prevalent in the past several years, as more people enter their personal and financial information on the internet to make transactions. To punish identity thieves and deter future offenders, Georgia courts issue stiff penalties to people who steal other people’s identities.

If someone has accused you of stealing another person’s personal information to profit from that information, you may be facing serious legal consequences. An Atlanta identity theft lawyer could use their experience to help you mount a compelling defense against your charges and help you mitigate the potential penalties associated with this offense.

Common Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when one person takes personal identification information from another person with the intent to defraud that other person or use it to commit a crime. Examples of personal information often stolen in identify theft cases include:

  • Social security numbers
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Credit cards
  • Tax identification numbers
  • Bank and financial account numbers
  • Security passwords
  • Private medical information
  • Prescriptions for drugs

Identity scams often involve phone calls, letters, or emails that try to trick people into disclosing their social security numbers, credit card numbers, or bank account information. A skilled local attorney could help an individual accused of committing identity theft through any of these means by examining the specific evidence in their case.

Possible Defense Strategies

There are several defense strategies that an identity theft attorney in the area could use to strengthen the defendant’s case against their charges. They could prove that the defendant did not intend to engage in identity theft, or that the damage their actions created was minimal or non-existent.

Lack of Intent or Motive

One of the most critical elements in an identity theft case is intent. The prosecution needs to prove that the defendant took the alleged victim’s personal information and intended to use that information to make a personal profit, defraud the alleged victim, or commit another crime. If the prosecution is unable to demonstrate a motive explaining why the defendant allegedly stole the identification, then an experienced attorney may be able to cast doubt on the element of intent.

A dedicated lawyer could show that the defendant was not aware that they obtained the alleged victim’s personal identification. They could also search for exculpatory evidence to show that the defendant had explicit or implicit permission to use the alleged victim’s information, such as if they were entrusted care of personal information by another person.

Lack of Harm

An experienced attorney could help prove that even though the defendant had access to the personal information, they did not harm anybody or commit any crime with that information.

Insignificant Financial Damage

A nearby legal professional may be able to help minimize the charges or reduce the penalties if they can establish that the crime resulted in only minor financial damage to the alleged victim.

Let an Atlanta Identity Theft Attorney Take on Your Case

If you are under investigation for stealing somebody’s personal information, you should reach out to an Atlanta identity theft attorney as soon as possible. Our team of lawyers could begin discussing your defense immediately and work to protect your reputation and your personal and professional life. In some cases, our attorneys may be able to stop the prosecution from even filing charges. Call today to arrange a confidential consultation.