Hiring An Attorney For An Atlanta Stalking Case

If you have been charged with stalking, you should retain an Atlanta stalking attorney as soon as possible because they will know the law involved and can help navigate you through the complex legal system. An experienced lawyer will know how to present your case and defend you in the legal system, making it crucial that you pick up the phone if you are facing charges for a serious crime, such as stalking in Atlanta.

Qualities to Look For In An Attorney

Three of the most important qualities you should look for when hiring a criminal defense attorney are experience, results, and intelligence.


It is invaluable to find an attorney with experience handling your unique type of case and the venue where you are facing charges, whether you are in Fulton County, DeKalb County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County or some other county in Metropolitan Atlanta. It is the experience of working within those counties, having experience with the Judges in those jurisdictions; and having experience with the prosecutors in those Court rooms that result in an experienced attorney obtaining the best result and the best options to consider prior to trial.

Previous Case Results

It is important to consider the prior case results of any attorney that you are considering retaining; you should research that attorney’s success in handling criminal cases, taking cases to trial, winning trials and the results in negotiating reduced sentences and dismissal of charges for their clients.


The internet has a vast wealth of information on attorneys, including their resume, what kind of cases they successfully defended and the kinds of cases that presented them with difficulties. Ultimately, only you can judge an attorney’s intelligence through direct communication with the attorney, interviewing the attorney that you are considering hiring and making a judgment call from your own perspective. Then you can determine whether or not the attorney has the intelligence to overcome the difficult situation you are facing and to put together a defense that will result in a successful outcome.

Steps An Attorney Can Take

One of the key components when preparing a defense against stalking charges is an investigation into the alleged victim. This investigation involves looking into their background, looking into their conduct and looking at the back story of what led to the allegation of stalking, harassing or intimidating behavior.

We often find that the alleged victim also engaged in some kind of unlawful conduct and is not a victim. Having an attorney on your side who has the tools necessary to investigate the individual who has made these claims against you and knows how to present the story of this alleged victim in Court to a Judge or a jury can be the difference between having a conviction for stalking and walking free in Atlanta.

What Circumstances May Be Considered Before Taking a Plea Deal?

There is always the option of taking a plea deal. Plea negotiations are a fact of life in criminal cases, especially for a case like stalking where it may be a he said, she said type of situation between only a couple of people.

If the evidence, other than the statements of the alleged victim and defendant, seem stacked against you, and your case seems unwinnable; you may consider taking a plea deal. Additionally, there are times when your attorney may suggest that you should take a plea in lieu of going to trial because the risk of going to trial may result in a significantly increased sentence.

A plea may also be suggested by your attorney if there is no jail time involved in the plea deal. Perhaps you are a first time offender and the evidence is just overwhelmingly against you. It is in these situations where an experienced lawyer can prevent jail time and ultimately offer an avenue where you do not have a conviction on your record by applying the 1st Offender Act.

What Information to Have When Contacting A Lawyer

You should have any paperwork which you have come into possession of during the course of your case, which early on may be very little.

If you are reaching out to an attorney several months after an incident, you should have a police report, transcripts or recordings of 911 calls and computer assisted dispatch records.

It is crucial is that you have basic information such as the date of arrest, where you were arrested, the alleged victim’s name, and the specific charges that you are being charged with by the police. When calling an attorney, your basic knowledge of the case will allow the attorney to get a sense of what kind of situation you are facing, the seriousness of the situation, and the possible consequences of the charges. It is important to remember that these consequences may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (i.e. county to county) in Atlanta.